Tuesday, 21 March 2017



                                                                            HOW FAR ALONG?
22 weeks.

24th July.

Little lady

According to my Ovia app baby is now the size of a American guinea pig, I'm not quite sure if theres a size difference to your general guinea pig? Everything looks perfect and as it should be at our 20 week scan the other week, she was still exploring her facial features holding onto and touching her nose, at our early sexing scan she held onto her ears the whole time we were there (3 hours).

I've gone from 54.3kg to 57.4kg so not a huge amount of weight gain but they are keeping an eye on my weight due to my BMI.

I seem to be getting a lot of round ligament pain with this pregnancy, most mornings it can be quite uncomfortable to roll over and can wake me in the mornings.

Sleep varies for me at the moment some mornings I can happily be awake before my alarm (I always wait for my alarm tho of course) Others I wake feeling like I've barely slept.

Still nothing I can totally put down to a craving but I am LOVING cupcakes with fresh butter icing! 

Feeling like I can finally get excited and start preparing for our little pea and like its actually real, We are having a bubba join us and it's not just something I'm hoping for when people pass me at work with their bumps and posh buggies because I have one too.

Seeing our little lady again and getting all her bits washed ready for her arrival.

*As you can tell I've totally failed at taking up blogging again which I'm pretty gutted about but maybe I can get fully stuck in once my Maternity leave starts. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Boy am I pleased to see you!
This week I finally welcomed the second trimester with open arms, I'm now 14 weeks!!
I'm aware google and my bounty pack book say the second trimester starts at week 13 but my apps seem to say today is my first day of being part of the second trimester club, Being my 3rd you'd think I'd know this by now.
 I'm so eagerly waiting to feel Nugget have a little wiggle after the week we had last week,
Just as I was warned I've experienced some more bleeding but this time after a day of the room spinning and being sick every time I dared leave my bed, que the frantic worry!
Why am I being sick all of a sudden? Why am I bleeding after being unwell? Sickness bug? Is something wrong with baby? 
As much as I was warned I could possibly bleed again, it didn't make it any easier to relax when it happened. I didn't bleed with Doo's until I was quite far along and could feel her move for some reassurance and went to EPU each time after ringing my midwife but everything's changed since then and you now have to be referred to see them, so this time I rang for advice and was told if I wanted to be seen I can go up and listen to Nuggets heartbeat (which I'm also eagerly waiting to hear) I could but would need my GP to refer me before heading up there. So I decided to wait it out with it not being heavy and nothing like the first bleed I had and just take it easy as advised.

14 weeks. 

24th July.

To early to tell.

According to my Ovia app baby is now the size of a troll doll and his/her kidneys are now producing urine and is nearly doubling in weight each week at this point.

I don't own scales and won't know of any weight changes until my upcoming antenatal appointment.

Other than a more obvious and permanent round tum, some back ache my pregnancy is still pretty much symptomless.

For the past two mornings a few hours before my alarms due to go off I've been unsettled for various reasons (Nuggets morning feed time maybe?) other than that I'm doing okay for sleep.

I've got quite the sweet tooth this time around and enjoy a good chewy sweet, everywhere you read says your having a girl but I don't remember eating many sweets with the girls. Fruit juices are a big hit too it was all coca cola with the girls and after but this time I'm really not keen and prefer juice or milkshakes.

Actually feeling pregnant now, still anxious but like I can start getting excited and relax a little now.

My first antenatal appt in 2 weeks and our early sexing scan in 3 weeks. 

Friday, 20 January 2017


Back in early December I not only found out that I'd secured a second contract with Marks and Spencer after completing my 3 month contract with Princes Trust, I also found out one of Daisie's wishes was to become true.
She's finally going to be a BIG sister not only is she going to be a big sister her little brother or sister is due to join us 9 days after her birthday!! 
My due date by dates would have been her birthday but our first scan switched things up a little, I am however getting some dejavu with this pregnancy my due date by scan dates is the same due date I was given with Doo's those many years ago.
As much as we weren't trying to prevent a pregnancy it came as quite a shock after coming back off my pill and my period disappearing we didn't get our hopes up as at the beginning of last year the same thing happened with every pregnancy symptom going and we were very hopeful but after a scan it turned out to be hormone related.
This time my period disappeared but along with no pregnancy symptoms, BUT 4 tests and another 2 each day following finding out and testing my tap water to be sure it wasn't a dodgy batch of tests it's safe to say this little one was on board, that didn't stop me testing to double check the morning of my first midwife appointment tho!
I've been to Manchester and back with my brother, been doing big equipment and stock moves at work and attended friends get togethers while enjoying the very very rare jager bomb all while this little one was on board and I had no clue.

Other than sleeping for the 4 of us which I can do when I'm not growing a human, randomly having an emotional day which all makes sense now, my pregnancy has been pretty symptomless, We had quite a scare new years day but after an emergency scan it came to light I have a subchronic bleed beside my placenta/pregnancy and it's likely I may experience some more bleeding through out my pregnancy.  

Friday, 18 November 2016



Party themes are so much fun to have but can also be very pricey, for items your going to be using for a matter of hours before they are binned or shoved in the junk drawer because they cost that much you tuck them away in hope you may end up using them again one day. 
This year I went for an alternative to the branded themed partyware available, Daisie's party theme was My little pony and her table cover alone cost £2.79 (which is pretty good but it took a lot of hunting down as most were being sold for £4+) Now maybe I'm just a major tight arse but I find those prices a little steep for something that will have all sorts spilt on it until it's eventually rolled up and binned once the parties over. 

So this year instead of going for the themed party plates, cups, decorations, party bags etc 
I went for the colour scheme of each pony on the table cover, We had a ceiling of crepe paper running from each side of rainbow dash hair colours, a tassel garland of Twilight sparkle colours and plates in the colour scheme of Fluttershy.
Thankfully a few of the children picked up on the look I was going for and it saved me a good few pennies which I was able to put towards another present for Daisie.

You can do similar with most loved programmes, I've used Avengers Assemble as an example above using the colours from the Hulk, Captain America and Iron man.
Coloured partyware can be found pretty much anywhere from Asda,Tesco and eBay for as little as 99p.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


If you've followed my blog for awhile you'd have noticed my little series of Anxiety & Me posts, In my last update I mentioned having a 6 week course of CBT therapy and how well things had turned out despite my doubts at the beginning.
During that time one of my aims was to get myself a job or at least apply for a few without having a total meltdown, well since then I have applied for many jobs confidently sadly nothing came of the majority of them and the 3 interviews I had didn't mount to anything either.
After a little while the job centre told me about a work programme with M&S through the princes trust.
I went along to the first information day not showing any major enthusiasm not knowing the experience would be absolutely life changing for me, With all the information in hand I went along to the second information day and a taster day at one of my local M&S stores were I met an amazing group of people. We had a run down of what the next 4 weeks would involve and done some group exercises something which a few months earlier would have sent me into a complete meltdown.
Then came day 3 where each of us had to wait for the phone call to see if we were successful with getting onto the programme I was one of the 18 lucky people to have made it onto the programme  and had secured a place in my first choice of store to complete it in.
My time at M&S during my work experience has been an amazing journey, I've made some amazing friends, I've had hands on experience with the general day to day of retail, Things my heart was always in and already doing but my mind was so scared of doing.
Finally being given the chance from a company that saw my struggles and saw something in me I didn't entirely believe I had myself.
(I covered my background of anxiety in my small interview before leaving the taster day for them to narrow down the 30 to 18)
4 weeks of great work experience and an emotional celebration day with everyone involved. I returned back to the store in which I completed my work experience in. Sat in Enrica the store managers office along with Nina who has been my work bestie (who was also part of the programme) and two of our amazing coaches Angie and Jon. Where both me and Nina got the news they had decided to keep us on!!!

Your now reading the blog of a newly working mummy who can be found in the GM section of Marks & Spencer.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


With the six weeks summer holiday in full swing the challenge is on for parents everywhere to find things to do to keep the little ones busy with it costing as little as possible.

First on our hit list was the free fairy hunt at our local Ruxley Manor garden centre, We collected our Fairy Hunt booklets from the main reception which had a beautiful fairy on each page, in total we had twelve fairies to hunt for and find their names, once you found them all you could hand in your completed booklet into the Mulberry Tree restaurant and get yourself a FREE cupcake with any hot drink purchased.
After finding the first two fairies the girls did get bored of filling out the booklet and it was left for me to do but they still enjoyed wandering around spotting the hidden fairies with their little friend.

Not being one to drink hot drinks and not to mention the price of said drinks we missed out on our cupcake but we did enjoy a lovely lunch before heading back for the bus home. It was the perfect thing to kick start our things to do this summer holidays.
Next on our list is a Dino day in one of our local shopping centres.

Friday, 27 May 2016


You've read all about the recent LUSH fathers day event I attended, if you haven't you can do so 'here', Now for the goodie bag!
The LUSH staff were very generous with our gift bag contents, I was so happy to see my name and my blogs on my bag label (it really is the little things) 
Not only did we get to take home our creations of Sunny Side bubble bar and a Big Blue bath bomb but we were also lucky enough to take home a Super Dad bath bomb, Smugglers Soul facial scrub and a Smugglers Soul shampoo bar.
Also included in our bags was a Fresh Thinking catalogue and a Spa Treatment menu (everything's so tempting)

I didn't purchase a lot as it was the dreaded bill week, the week every adult despises!
No matter what I was set on buying Andy the Lush Mechanic cold pressed soap, He's now fully stuck in with motorbike building with requests coming out of his ears which means oily dirty hands near on every day, which never mixes well with my white door frames, white tiled bathrooms or pretty much anywhere touchable.
I grabbed myself my first Lip scrub I know, I know where have I been?
I'm an awful Lushie.
I also grabbed myself some Tea tree toner tabs, I need to find a time where I am home alone because I know the girls or Andy wouldn't ever let the chance of the perfect opportunity to wind me up and me not being able to do much pass them by.