Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The turquoise rug

The rug, a kind of turquoise in colour is soft and flat underfoot. Aged with the character only the constant run of children's footsteps could create. In certain areas there were grooves left from the wheels of the bike being left there for days at a time where all the shag was running in the opposite direction to the conformists in the group. It held a certain smell, a mix of the pungent whiff of dog piss, stale milk and petrol mixed with the fragrant whimsies of a multitude of Yankee candles and air freshener. 

She had wanted a new rug, spoke about it almost daily with a kind of sadness in her eyes. This piece of aged mush held memories of her babies as newborns, had softened the seat of their posteriors during countless breakfasts and dinner whilst watching the array of shows on the CBBC channel for children of their age.It represented the long nights her prince had spent taking apart motorbike after motorbike, painting and cutting wires, fixing exhausts, talking to himself in that soft mutter, one of the endearing things she adored most about him. This was not a rug, it was the holder of memories of the formation of her little family she loved so very dearly. 

, For a year now the ideas of what could replace it had repeated, arisen, been discussed. However she could never decide what would give the room as much character as this old used, worn-out piece of carpet had done. It felt foreign to her, the idea of anything else holding such a center point in both the family room and the family. Deep down she knew it had to be, she just couldn't bring herself to throw this member of the family away, despite the pong wafting through the air, invading the nostrils at every opportunity. It was like the waifs and strays she collected at school, she loved it for all its imperfections, there was no way she would have disregarded one of those little souls so how, she asked herself, could she do it now.

This piece wasn't written by me but a very talented friend.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Whats the best thing to do?

For awhile now my little Daisie has taken a very sudden and random hate to going to nursery, It's not an everyday thing some days she will happily rush in without a second thought of saying bye or giving me a kiss.
I'm one of those mums that will go into the classroom give cuddles and kisses then leave but some days it's not as simple as that Daisie will start by asking will I watch her write her name like today but then she really panics I'm not there and will constantly check that I am, then she wants me to stay while she has some toast and will do the same constant checks she done while she wrote her name.
She's stuck to me as if she was born with suckers there's no getting her off and shes set on coming back home with me, pleading with me to take her home with tears welling in her eyes all her friends flock round her trying to get her to come and play.
My protecting mummy instinct is to scoop her up and do just that as no one likes having to stay somewhere they really don't want to be right?
am I helping her in anyway by taking her home every time she kicks up a fuss? considering she will go in fine with daddy without a care in the world. 
So it seems she knows exactly how to pull on mummy's heart strings and knows I'm a super softy!
Today I didn't scoop her up and bring her back home but left her kicking her screaming with 2 teachers trying their hardest to settle her I could hear her screaming 'mummy' and it totally killed me, I left the school grounds balling my own eyes out looking a right pillock but that's my baby screaming for me and I have the power to take her away from a situation she clearly isn't happy to be in but I just walked away.
que the guilt, feeling like an awful mother and any other kind of emotion linked or unlinked to the situation that seems to creep its way in,
Once she's settled she's totally fine and is back to how she is on a good day but my mind isn't settled and I can't carry on with my day without that over protective mother call to the nursery to check she has settled okay.
I know it's probably without a doubt better to leave her behind and let her settle but I'm so not used to my baby getting herself into such a state and want to do whatever it takes to take her out of that situation.
It's been decided I do the kisses and cuddles at the door and let her skip in on her own it feels me with dread but if it takes her back to enjoying her days at nursery I'm willing to give it ago.
 I've questioned why she doesn't want to go she's mentioned being bit (which I followed up with the teachers) she also hides away and seems scared of a little boy that also attends again which I followed up with her teacher today but she apparently sits with this little boy out of choice through out the day.
Is it as frowned upon to take my clearly very unsettled little girl home with me as much as I think it is? Am I just being a total softy?

So what in your opinion is the best thing to do?
Leave them to settle and enjoy the rest of their day or scoop them up and take them home?


I know, I know my blog's becoming a bit of  beauty box central lately I promise I'll find a nice level between box posts.
This is my second Glossybox and I'm fairly impressed but I do feel my box wasn't shown the kind of TLC my last box was, my last box all my items arrived nice and neatly snug into the shredded paper but this months there was a bundle of shredded paper in one corner and my items where just rattling around it, The little sticker that holds them all secure in the tissue paper wasn't stuck over enough to actually seal it shut.  Maybe I'm just being fussy but I didn't feel the loving packaged feel like I did when I peaked into last months box.

In the box

NAOBAY Moisturizing Peeling - £13.71 for 1OOml
With buzzwords such as "luminous" and "minimal" bandied about by make-up artists backstage at the shows, the spotlight is on skin this spring. Thankfully, this organic peeling milk from Spanish eco-brand Naobay is like a start over for skin, with particles from the acai tree to remove dulling dead skin cells and brighten the complexion.
shop at:
This product left me totally confused no clue of what it was or how to use it, because I'm one of those that doesn't read the little card that comes in the box but dives straight into the items inside. It's actually a peeling milk which is pretty intriguing I've only ever really heard of peeling masks.

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara - £3.3O for 12ml 
Every girl's make-up mush have. Mascara takes you from weary to wide-eyed in one sweep. This mascara has a clever cobra head shaped wand, which grabs each individual lash to create length and dramatic volume, for inky black eyes as seen this season.
shop at:
If the packaging wasn't as cute as it is I'd have been a little disappointed that I got another mascara as I got one in my last box too. 

Dove Advanced Hair Series Youthful Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner £5.99 for 25Oml
As we age or grow our hair longer, it becomes weaker and prone to breakage. This hydrating duo repairs brittle tresses and works to replenish lost nutrients, so hair is left stronger, sleeker and looking twice as thick - perfect for our latest obsession with loose braids 
Shop at: &
I've got to be honest I'm a little disappointed to get these again as I got them in my YOUBEAUTY box but I suppose that's what I get for being greedy and being signed up to two boxes.

ncLA Nail Lacquer £13 for 15ml
Free of toxins, cult brand ncLA's bestselling shade is the perfect quick-dry neon pastel, For us, it represents everything spring - colour, sun starting to peek through clouds and maybe even the chance of a holiday on the horizon.
shop at: 

Sleek MakeUP Pout Paint £.499 for 8ml
Ever wanted to make your own lipstick shade? Well now is your chance!
Designed to be applied softly for a light stain or liberally for jaw dropping colour, Pout paint lets you wear it how you want. You can even mix it with another lip colour to create the ulitmate bespoke shade.
shop at:

Friday, 27 March 2015

Mummy & Me #1

After reading about Nicola's from over at nicolalifethroughmyeyes new linky Mummy and me I just had to link up. 
With both my babies in school/nursery soon both to be full time school *sobs* it's rare that both of them will be in a photo with me one that I'm happy to share online anyway, Daisie likes to spend a lot of her time in just her pants even when she is dressed she tends to strip off like in the above pictures but luckily her mop of hair has hidden any mojor bits so I was happy to share those ones.

I hope to be able to get alot more photos of us together this year and not just the selfie kind, Daddy's going to have to pull out his photography and capture those perfectly natural shots.

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Spring/Summer Bucket List '15

With the Easter holidays nearing my minds going crazy with ideas of what we can get up to during the girls week off and then its the BIG one!
The summer holidays

- Go swimming
- Go to a farm shop
- Visit a farm 
-  Go for a picnic
- Feed the ducks
- Go on the boats
- Go to the sea life centre
- Visit M&M world
- Make play-doh
- Go on a bug hunt
- Feather hunting  
-Visit eagle heights
- Go to the natural history museum
- Have an Easter egg hunt

Monday, 23 March 2015

PINK PARCEL - It's a monthly thing

You may have seen this little box many times in the blogsphere but here it is again.
I don't even have the 'monthly thing' but I just had to get in on this amazing little box even more so when I found out your first box only costs £5.95 (then £9.99 a month)
How amazing is that! 
 So down to the box, most of us girls dread that time of the month but this little box just makes it that so much better. Not only does it come jam packed with whatever it is you may use tampons, sanitary towels etc (you get to chose what brand/style)
There's also a little box of pick me ups too! Like I said AMAZING
Pink parcel also do another box especially for teenagers called 'teenparcel' something I'm so signing up to for each of the girls when they have their monthlys if the company is still going which I really hope so.

In my box
2 boxes and a little draw string bag of tampax
 Perfectil skin, hair & nails tablets sample
Tube of bubble T bath bombs
Tea pigs chocolate flake tea bag
PAW PAW moisturising balm
Divine caramel dark chocolate 
4 Bandzee's
O.P.I creme gloss nail varnish

As if all of this wasn't good enough I also got a 2O% OFF code for flamingo candles a company I've been dying to purchase from ever since I found them and a £25 gift card for Gousto!
You can sign up to receive your box every month at
I'm sure you'll be with me on saying what a genius idea!