Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pumpkin Patch '14

This year rather than buy our pumpkins from Asda I wanted to do something a bit more special, So this year we paid our local pumpkin patch a visit.
Visiting the pumpkin patch will now be a yearly thing it's just so much more magical/special than just grabbing one from our local asda and it's a morning/afternoon out of the house, The girls had so much fun having a hunt through and picking the perfect pumpkin!
We ended up leaving with 4 me not quite knowing what a kilo is was more than happy to grab some more little ones, £1O later the 4 we'd picked were ready to come home with us, So it cost me abit more than what a trip to asda to grab some would have cost but you can't put a price on fun can you?
Once we got home we had a cooked breakfast/lunch with the sausages and bacon we got while we were there and spent the rest of the day watching films.
I can't wait to drive and make a trip to the farm shop a weekly thing, I can see it now heading out while the girls and Andy are still snoozing or in tow to go and get the veg for our Sunday roast. 

Andy filmed our trip to the pumpkin patch right up to carving one of the pumpkins so keep your eyes peeled for the link if you wish to have a watch. 

(Daisie is smiling and not crying I promise)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween Toucan Box

I'm still having problems with Toucan being able to bill my card for our monthly boxes (gutted) 
I have the same problem with Graze too :(
So when I went to collect a parcel I had missed while out on the school run I was so excited to see a toucan box among the pile. I was hoping being October it would be a Halloween themed craft and YAY it was!
Me and Daisie didn't hang about as soon as I had checked a christmas present that was in the bundle and hid it, Daisie called me about getting started so we did just that!
It was such a simple craft I'm planning on stocking up on some supplies that were provided to make some more to hang around the house. 
We were both very pleased with our end result, I need to grab a picture but it's gone missing as soon as I find it I'll update this post :)

You can sign up to get your own toucan box (first one FREE) by following this link  -

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Firework Night

 Every year without fail since me and Andy have been together (2OO9) we go along to our local firework display and fair. This is something we do no matter the weather conditions one year we had to rush over to asda to get Issy away from them as she really wasn't impressed but as the years have gone on she's loved them!
Last year was Daisie's first time that she actually enjoyed it, the year before she wow'd and oo'd at the street lights as we walked past but really wasn't keen on the actual firework display.
We wander up a little earlier to enjoy the fair and grab our flashing wands then find our spot to get a good view of the fireworks, Then its off home to tuck the girls into bed then me and Andy spend some time together be it doing a puzzle,films or just some snuggles!
The 5th November for unknown reason is really special for me with Andy, whether its because it was the first thing we done as a family and have stuck to every year I don't know. It makes me feel so warm,bubbly and close to Andy it's like our very own 'valentines day' if you like.

Is there something you do every firework night?

Monday, 20 October 2014

We went to Diggerland!

A little while ago we were lucky enough to win 4 tickets to Diggerland thanks to the lovely Liz over at missielizzie-meandmyshadow
Yesterday we took advantage of our tickets and went to Digglerland in strood for the day, We left nice and early to be sure to miss all the madness,ques and to allow us time to get lost. For the first hour or two the ques were very little even when the park did get busy the ques weren't massively long some we did skip as the girls were getting grumpy waiting but we were on the rides in under 1O minutes at the most.
We got to drive tractors, go on the dig-a-round, dig for treasure, drive dumper trucks, go on the sky shuttle which gave us a birds eye view of the whole park and much more. None of us were brave enough for the famous spin dizzy (I'm sick on the spinning chairs so I wasn't risking it lol)
Not only is there lots of Digger fun there's also a soft play area, some arcade games,a bouncy castle aswell as a play park and a sand area. With a wide range of hot and cold food available too perfect! We took a lunch with us but next time I'll be going with nothing but some money and a camera the food looked delicious with very reasonable price to go along with it. There were two rides Daisie wasn't allowed on which was heart breaking after her being so excited seeing one of the diggers had her name on we assumed it was a ride for her age as they were from bob the builder but she was just under the minimum height to ride seeing her little face was awful but she assumed it was that her aunty Kirsty was to big and she very excitedly waited to go on something else while I took Issy for a spin around the track as much as we didn't get why she couldn't go on as an adult would have hold of her and it looked pretty safe for her compared to some of the others she was allowed on I'd rather her safe then risking her go on and end up with a nasty injury.
We didn't go on everything but will certainly go back and make sure to go on it all.
Before we had even left the girls asked could we go again tomorrow, So it's safe to say we will be returning as soon as we can we are dying to take daddy along with us next time!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

A letter from Santa @ Lapland Mailroom

Today we received our amazing letters from
I couldn't wait to dive in (I opened them when little people were around) so it was a quick peek and hide, Once the girls were in bed I jumped straight in and upon opening I very loudly said 'WOW' 
Each letter is honestly beautiful and very nicely presented and will you check out those envelopes how cool are they? 
There's no denying these letters are from the REAL Santa, each letter comes with a 'Nice child certificate' which is FREE for a limited time only with a RRP of £2.95
For an additional £1 you can add a activity pack containing:
- Colouring Santa STOP here sign
- Elf yourself activity sheet
- Colour in christmas card
- Door hanger for little ones bedroom
- Colour and keep christmas tree decoration

There's 4 fabulous letters to choose from, 3 of them suitable for any age and are slightly different for brothers and sisters, they also have a baby's first Christmas letter which makes an amazing keepsake.
Each letter is completely unique to each child, personalised at the time of purchase on with the child's name and address with information that only Santa knows, you can include a best friends name, most wanted present this year AND a personlised message from mum and dad themselves and whats even better they ship worldwide!
I can't wait to see the girls faces on the 1st of December and find these waiting for them in the living room. I'm going to be a regular visitor of laplandmailroom every Christmas for sure, I'm so impressed with the letters there's just no other place to purchase next years letters
Let the magic of Christmas begin....

To get your hands on one of these beautiful letters and make your little ones Christmas pay a visit to
You can also find them on twitter and facebook

*We were very kindly sent these letters in return for an honest review.