Saturday, 13 September 2014

Autumn & Winter bucket list '14

1- Collect conkers,leaves & pinecones
2- Go leaf crunching 
3- Watch a firework display
4- Make a firework display picture
5- Buy cringey christmas jumpers for us all
6- Start playing christmas songs
7- Have family movie nuts with plenty of munch & hot chocolates
8- Decorate pine cones
9- Make a snow angel
1O-  Take the girls ice skating 
11- Visit santa
12- Go for regular hot chocolates at costa 
13- Carve a pumpkin
14- Watch hocus pocus & NBC 
15- Have a halloween movie night with the girls
16- Dress up for halloween 
17- Invite the girls friends over for a sleepover
18- Go to the Broadditch hauntfest (I had the chance last year but wet myself at the thought and didn't go)
19- Make an autumn picture out of different coloured/shaped leaves
2O- Go shopping and not leave until its dark with the Christmas lights on outside

Thursday, 11 September 2014

PicStick Photo Magnets - REVIEW

Transform your favourite pictures into beautiful photo magnets.
To turn your favourtie photos into gorgeous glossy magnets is super simple to do, to get yourself started all you have to do is head over to 
and make yourself an account then upload your favourite photos straight from your computer, facebook or dropbox account! 
 You can make a sheet of 9 magnets which costs £9.5O/$14.99 with FREE worldwide shipping!
I was super impressed it was only the other day I made my order and when I got home this afternoon there they were on my door mat to which I very loudly said 'Oh WOW' 
The quality of the magnets and prints really is amazing! In my order I got some for both my mum and Andy's mum as they really are the perfect way for displaying photos. When placing my order I noticed a small black border round my photos and expected them to arrive with the black border like many of my standard prints have that I've ordered and not realized along the line but to my surprise they didn't.
I don't see it being long until I'm heading straight back to Pickstick and ordering some more.

Pickstick very kindly gave me a code for my lovely readers to receive 25% off there ordering using code MUMMA25

Bluewater Blogger Meet O6.O9.14

 On Saturday 6th I attended a blogger meet in bluewater hosted by the gorgeous Julie over at justjulie
The event was held at a lovely restaurant called browns. Although I didn't go for a full meal the chips I had were gorgeous.

My first thoughts of browns was that I really didn't belong there but as I approached the function room where all the bloggers were and was greeted by Julie as if we were already friends before this event I felt a lot more comfortable. If I didn't meet up with Caroline before hand I think I may have peeked in and ran or sat there on the end in silence (thank you Caz)
Once we'd all had a good chat and a few drinks which were supplied lucky ladies!
we ordered some food, chatted some more before calling it a day,
 I'm a real common as muck girl that eats her chips from the fish & chip shops out of the paper they came in and with my hands, which I did with these ones then looked round at everyone eating theirs with their forks I felt my cheeks burning as I turned red with embarrassment.
Until another blogger replied with so what? when I'd explained how embarrassed I was and suddenly I felt like I belonged :) Thank you Helen!

I didn't get round to talking to all of the lovely bloggers there but every one of them seemed really lovely and made me feel welcome. Hopefully there will be another meet soon where I can grab a chat with them, Not only was it great to be in a room of such inspiring bloggers Julie held a little raffle I WON a prize in and each of us left with a goody bag Spoilt or what!

To the goody bag....

I was lucky enough to meet Julie from over at justjulie, Caroline - nomorefrizzyhairdays, Helen - helsbels, Charlotte - thegoodowl, Sarah - mundanesundays, Laura - lelore, Annabel - mascara-and-maltesers, Chelsey - goldshewears, Yaya - mydreamality, Marina - cookiexdoughx and Sian - sm-beautyblog

Was great to meet you all ladies, Hope it won't be the last. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

LUSH - Avobath

'Avobath in the morning to help you face the day: its lemongrass and bergamot oils will pick you up while also tackling dryness with avocado and olive oil. It contains lustre, which gives a shimmering green effect to the water, but will leave your skin feeling dazzling without the dazzle. It also contains lots of mashed avocado and olive oil to tackle dehydration, making this an excellent choice for dry skin sufferers.'
I grabbed Avobath in my latest LUSH haul, It wasn't one I planned to get so I didn't read up on what it was meant to do or what it's features were but I smelt it and it just had to go in my basket. Me being me not knowing anything about the bath bomb used it in the evening once the girls had gone to bed, no wonder I wasn't ready for bed at the usual time I'm crawling to bed *insert monkey hiding face smiley*
The smell was just amazing it has to be the most strongest bath bomb I've purchased yet smell wise, 
As you may well know green is my faveorite colour so the gorgeous shade of green it left my bath water was amazing for me even if Andy did come in and say it looked like I was sat in slime.
Once I'd climbed in I noticed little chunks of something floating in the bath with me first thoughts were 'urgh' but when I finally caught some it looked like some kind of fruit chunk then I noticed the glittery/shimmery effect and it changed to 'oohhh'  
While in the tub I noticed some slight staining round the edges of the bath but nothing a wipe over wouldn't sort.
I'd happily buy this bath bomb again just for its scent although it was a bit over bearing at times, my room still smells amazing! 
You can purchase Avobath either in a LUSH store or online for £3.25

Monday, 8 September 2014

Bluewater Haul - LUSH,Yankee & Cath Kidston

Saturday I attended a blogger meet at Bluewater hosted by the gorgeous Julie over at justjulie 
(more to come about the meet in a separate post)
Whats a visit to a huge shopping mall without a little shopping?
So here's what I got...

Cath Kidston plate/tray - £6 each
I've been dying to get my hands on some of these for the girls for ages!
Yankee wax tarts in November rain, black coconut, mackintosh spice, mandarin cranberry and loves me loves me not! ALL 64p each
LUSH - Ickle baby bot, think pink, pop in the bath, karma, dragons egg, strawberry feels forever and avobath.
I went in for 2 specific things and left without them as you do.

I really impressed myself by coming home with money to spare, I'm getting really good as I get older :) 
The old me would walk home if it meant I could spend a little more