Saturday, 20 September 2014

National cupcake week with Greens

We were very kindly sent these cake mixes from the lovely Chrystal from Pier marketing, to celebrate national cupcake week (15th - 21st September) 
We were sent the new Mini daisy cake kit and to celebrate Hello kitty's 4Oth anniversary this year they also very kindly sent the hello kitty cute cupcake kit too both kits are by greens.
Today we finally had some free time to get round to making the hello kitty cupcake kit
which is 1OO% Natural colours and flavours!
The hello kitty cupcake kit makes 12 cakes, in the kit/box you get:
cake mix vanilla,topping mix strawberry, waferette decorations and cake cases

To make your cakes you will need:
1 medium sized egg, water and 5Og butter  
The box has full details on the back on how to make,bake and decorate your cakes.

Your cakes should take roughly 1O minutes to make and 12 minutes to bake, of course it may take you a little longer to make if your making them with little ones.
These mixes are great fun, easy to make and a great way to pass some time through the day.
The girls love baking and I love munching on their bakes once they are done, It goes without saying our cakes will never end up like the perfect ones pictured on the box if you've been able to get yours some what similar please tell me how!!!
No baking is complete without the arguments on who gets to lick the spoon and who gets the bowl of left over cake mix.
(I'm hoping we get some time to make the Mini Daisy cupcake kit tomorrow, before national cupcake week comes to a total end)

Mini Matalan Haul

A little while ago I joined up to Matalan reward card and shortly after my card came in the post
with special offers with £1O off a £25 spend online/in store so I took advantage of that with this mini online haul!
You can expect another haul soon as it also came with a 2O% off in store spend voucher too.
What I got
Polar bear mugs with jazzies x2 - £4 each and in the 3 for 2 
(which I didn't realize until they arrived today)
Heart photo frame - £5
Vanilla sugar tinned candle - £3
Charger Xmas plates - £3 each
Spare school shoes for Issy - £5
2O14 Christmas photo frame tree decoration - £3

If you haven't already I'd highly recommend joining up to Matalans reward card club!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

My Yankee candle wax tart stash

It's now secret I love myself a Yankee candle!
Wax tarts are a top fave as I can mix it up a little and have a different scent every other week, Having asda stock the odd one for just £1 makes my addiction to easy to keep.
I'm currently melting Fall Glory from the simply home range

So in my stash you'll find
November rain
Sweet pea
Christmas treats - simply home
Loves me, loves me not
Macintosh spice
Cherry vanilla - simply home
Black cherry
Vanilla lime
Mandarin cranberry x2
Summer scoop
Sicilian lemon
Black plum blossom
Sweet apple
Pink dragon fruit
Orange splash
Pink honeysuckle - simply home
Sunlight on snow - simply home
Black coconut
Farmhouse apple - Potpourri
Harvest - Potpourri

I managed to grab the set of 9 wax tart Fruit-a-licious set for just £7.69 + £1.95 P&P
My stash is nowhere near as big as I'd like to be and there's LOADS on my wish list so this collection is sure to grow.

Do you have a Yankee stash or recommend a scent for me to try?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Autumn & Winter bucket list '14

1- Collect conkers,leaves & pinecones
2- Go leaf crunching 
3- Watch a firework display
4- Make a firework display picture
5- Buy cringey christmas jumpers for us all
6- Start playing christmas songs
7- Have family movie nuts with plenty of munch & hot chocolates
8- Decorate pine cones
9- Make a snow angel
1O-  Take the girls ice skating 
11- Visit santa
12- Go for regular hot chocolates at costa 
13- Carve a pumpkin
14- Watch hocus pocus & NBC 
15- Have a halloween movie night with the girls
16- Dress up for halloween 
17- Invite the girls friends over for a sleepover
18- Go to the Broadditch hauntfest (I had the chance last year but wet myself at the thought and didn't go)
19- Make an autumn picture out of different coloured/shaped leaves
2O- Go shopping and not leave until its dark with the Christmas lights on outside

Thursday, 11 September 2014

PicStick Photo Magnets - REVIEW

Transform your favourite pictures into beautiful photo magnets.
To turn your favourtie photos into gorgeous glossy magnets is super simple to do, to get yourself started all you have to do is head over to 
and make yourself an account then upload your favourite photos straight from your computer, facebook or dropbox account! 
 You can make a sheet of 9 magnets which costs £9.5O/$14.99 with FREE worldwide shipping!
I was super impressed it was only the other day I made my order and when I got home this afternoon there they were on my door mat to which I very loudly said 'Oh WOW' 
The quality of the magnets and prints really is amazing! In my order I got some for both my mum and Andy's mum as they really are the perfect way for displaying photos. When placing my order I noticed a small black border round my photos and expected them to arrive with the black border like many of my standard prints have that I've ordered and not realized along the line but to my surprise they didn't.
I don't see it being long until I'm heading straight back to Pickstick and ordering some more.

Pickstick very kindly gave me a code for my lovely readers to receive 25% off there ordering using code MUMMA25