Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Bedroom Wishlist FT YorkshireLinen, H&M, Wilko and more

As you may have seen a few posts back my room finally had the BIG makeover, At last I have an adult bedroom where I can relax so now the hunt is on for some finishing touches.

  Cuba white eyelet curtains almost half price at £34.99! These curtains are available from Yorkshire Linen website. They will set the whole bedroom off perfectly, I'm going for full length curtains rather than the usual window ledge length I've always had, there's just something about floor length curtains that make a room that whole lot more cosy. On closer inspection these gorgeous curtains have a small square detailing, Not only that they are also fully lined adding to the cosiness.  Yorkshire Linen have so many other other gorgeous items I see me kitting out the girls room with a few little bits too.

UNG DRILL mirror/fram £26 available from IKEA, From the minute I saw this mirror/frame I fell in love with it and just knew it would be perfect in my bedroom, it's also available in white as a frame but the black bounces off the grey walls perfectly and fits in with my print frames. This probably won't be a mirror that I use for everyday checks or to do my make-up in but to completed my wall of prints.

Vanilla Milk Bottles Classic Jar Candle £11 available to buy from lilyroseco, Vanilla is one of my favourite scents and is also the perfect colours for my bedroom as all of my furniture apart from my bed is white, the black lid makes it fit in perfectly on my desk or bedside cabinet.

Marble effect ceramic plate available from H&M for £6.99, Marble seems to be everywhere on the blogsphere recently and as much as I don't like being like everyone else it's got me and I understand the big hype for it. Back on my bedroom make over post you will have seen that I covered the top of a small drawer unit and it's the perfect finish. 

Station clock available from wilkos £25, It's likely this clock will never have batteries £25 is pretty pricey for a clock that will never be used as Andy hates the ticking of clocks me on the other hand find it very relaxing but it's just perfect for the look I'm trying to achieve with the wall of random prints and quotes.

Black ice buddha head available from Dunelm Mill £4, I'm known by those close to me for my love of thai buddhas after seeing many gorgeous silver buddha heads on instagram I just have to get one for myself, with a chrome stand on my bedside lamp and a chrome clothing rail the buddha head ties in nicely without looking out of place with it being another colour to alot of the other items in the bedroom, with the price as nice as it is I may even buy one of two for my living room.

Peony petal shot glass available from wilkos 75p, How lovely is that shade of pink I've converted my bedroom to be suitable for both male and female without it becoming to masculine so this gorgeous little flower is the perfect finishing touch to my desk/beauty table. Although it is out of stock and with the price being 75p I'm not sure it will be coming back in stock. *sobs* 

Artificial plant available from HEMA £2, I've suddenly gone crazy for the idea of little cactus, aloe vera like plants around the bedroom something about it just automatically makes me relaxed and makes a room feel fresh. I'm the worst for keeping plants alive so the fact it's artificial is the cherry on the top.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Iron Name Labels With WOVEN LABELS UK

Theres nothing worse than spending so much on the run up to the new school term on lovely brand new uniform than them wearing it for a week sometimes even a day and that lovely logo'd school jumper not coming home and having a slim chance of finding it or having it returned because you forgot to write your little ones name in it.
That's where Woven Labels UK come in!
You can get a number of different styles of labels, the ones pictured above come in a three different colours white,pink and blue.
 I first purchased these when Issy first started big school 3 years ago and to this day the label is still going strong on the stuff that will now be of use to her little sister now that she's starting school this year.
Gone are the days of parents having to buy a special pen or even stitching in their child's names,
With one little swipe of your iron the labels are safely secured to which ever clothing item your attaching it to, You can get the labels in a number of different quantities starting from 25,5O right up to 1OO with a price tag starting from £1.95 with FREE postage when purchased from ebay, I've personally bought all labels from ebay but you can buy direct from the website

What kind of label-er are you? Sew in,Write in or an iron on like me?

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Viva La France Glossybox - July 15

What a box to end my subscription on!
I've decided to cancel my glossybox subscription through no fault of glossybox, I've just become a little over run with boxes and items I probably won't ever use!
So for now I've decided to put what my subscription cost towards things on my beauty wish list.

In the box

Noxidoki Enhancing serum base
A serum is the power house of any skincare regime. From Bordeaux born brand noxidoxi, this has a CRC6 moisturising complex, which hydrates the skin's surface as well as the deeper layers, while a cocktail of antioxidants and anti inflammatories protect the skin. Layder under moisturiser.

Lollipops Lip balm
This rich and creamy balm immediately soothes and softens with antioxidants and vitamin E, as well as protecting the lips from UV damage.

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals perfect skin refiner 
With hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate skin, 10% glycolic acid to help resurface the skin and calming ingredients to reduce irritation. Start by using it every other night (you'll feel a mild tingling at first) and as with all potent treatments, a high SPF is a must during the day

Yves Rocher Eau De Parfum
This quintessentially French musky floral scent is light, feminine and airy. It intertwines notes of violet leaves, rose, lily of the valley and patchouli for a subtle scent that lasts all day (or night) long.

GLOSSYBOX Travel Pouch
With exclusive artwork by fashion illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin, this zip-lock pouch is the chicest way to keep your beauty essentials safe through security or use it as your everyday make-up bag.

Friday, 24 July 2015



It's no secret H&M is one of my all time favourite shops, Not only for me but for the house and the girls too! 
So when there's a sale its a rule for me to go onto the website fill up my basket sob a little and then come off the website just to repeat that for the next few days until every item I fell in love with disappears from my basket because it's no longer available.
A new recent love of mine is khaki green before it was never an option if I saw something in that colour in my size but all of a sudden I'm in love with the colour and have a few items very high up on my wishlist, every item above can be found on H&M online or the app but be quick they are selling fast!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Bedroom Makeover

For ages now I've been buying bits in and talking about a bedroom makeover but it all seemed so far away and like I'll be talking about it for a few years before it even comes close to happening.
BUT this week with the help of my sister-inlaw my new bedroom is done!
Decorating wise all that's left to be done is some more furniture buying and some finishing touches.
I say the help of my sister-inlaw she done all the wallpapering aswell as the stripping of the previous wallpaper (I did offer to help but she was happy to be left to it)
I'm gutted I didn't get any before and after pictures just to capture how far it's come, This bedroom is the first ever completed bedroom I've had since moving to this house in 2010 every other room always needed something finishing and never had the cosy feel to it just a room to sleep in and store my many clothes.
Before this I had a green bedroom with one wall wallpapered with a cream and floral print wallpaper which had a strip missing because I didn't have enough paper and that's how it stayed, I never had all the little finishing touches with matching bed sets like I do with this room.
At last a room I can go into and relax without sighing and just wanting to get out as soon as possible, everything has it's place and it's so spacious as I'm getting my hoarding into check and have decluttered crazy amounts of stuff I've hung onto for so long.

A friend offered me a little drawer unit she'd had in her bathroom and had spilt some hair dye on, Of course I couldn't say no I didn't really have any idea on what I'd do with it or where I'd put it but while finishing off the last coat of paint on my wall I wondered what it would look like with grey drawers to match my painted walls, Not expecting much of a result I didn't grab any in depth before and after pictures. A little while a go I planned to buy my bedside cabinets from my local YMCA charity shop but the tops were a little grubby but rather than writing them off because of that I bought some marble effect vinyl to cover the tops with but they had sold when I finally decided to go ahead and buy them after weeks of uming and aring so with that still in my cupboard I put it to use to cover the top which had the most hair dye damage and these are what I've ended up with, These are only temporary until I can get my ikea drawers but they will still play a big part in my room as I've fallen in love with them.
Although not alot of work went into them I'm really proud of them.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Back To School With GEORGE @ Asda

Back To School With GEORGE @ Asda

I know, I know school isn't totally over with yet but it's coming round so fast that before we know it it will be the start of the new school term!
The girls break up from school next week and the big holidays begin which means uniform buying will be full steam ahead,  Daisie will be starting BIG school and Issy will be going up into Juniors.
I've already started stocking up on their uniforms grabbing a pack of polo shirts, a skirt, socks etc here and there during the weekly food shop, Asda is my favourite for uniforms not only are the prices amazing but they wash nicely too. For the prices its also easy to have plenty of spares with polo shirts starting at just £2 a pack it makes the stress of back to school a lot easier to bare.
You can even get a pair of plimsolls for £3 and a cute pair of dolly shoes for £5!!

Have you started uniform shopping yet? Where's your fave place to shop?

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Child Hairbrushing Must Have!

With a little curly locks with hair down to the middle of her back hair brushing isn't easy and totally impossible unless I have a good detangler spray to hand, it often sounds like I'm murdering my child when in fact all I've dared to do is touch her hair. A few times I've sent the reassuring message to my neighbour to promise I'm not hurting her in anyway it's just hair brushing time.
The only way she will ever consider letting me go anywhere near her (before I've started the whole bribing thing) is to tell her how magical these little disney detangling spritz are, what little girl doesn't want hair like Elsa & Anna or Ariel? 
 Just like that hair brushing becomes so much less stressful I may have to rugby tackle her once or twice because she's run off every now and again but we soon get her hair looking curly and princess like again rather than the stig of the dump style she supports way to often than she should. 

Where can you get these wonderful bottles of magic I hear you ask?
Why poundland of course!
Even better you can also get other items in the different princess ranges shampoo & conditioner, hand wash, nail varnish, lip balm there's even a cute little jewellery collection too.