Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My autumn/winter essentials

I know it's not officially autumn or winter yet but I don't know about where you are but where I am it's got quite a bit colder and the heating is having to be turned on, the onesie is out and I'm eying up the festive Yankee collections AND the card shops are starting to stock their Christmas ranges.
I'm currently writing out lists of what I need to get in for the girls so here's my autumn/winter essentials....

A good pair of slippers
There's nothing better then slipping your feet into slippers that feel like giant marshmallows/clouds, leaving you with an all round cosy feeling.

A festive scent
There's nothing more cosy then the smell of a festive scent while it's chilly outside, Spiced apple being one of my faves. Yankee candle have a great mixture of festive scents

Snuggly jarmies & dressing gown 
Whats better than getting in from the cold or out of a nice bubble bath into a snuggly pair of jarmies and dressing gown?

A good bobble hat,snood and mittens
I'm quite the big kid when it comes to bobble hats I'm all for big bobbles,tassels and anything crazy.
Last year I supported a fairly adult looking bobble hat but it still had a strawberry on the front :) 
Snoods, snoods, snoods whats not to love?
it's like a permanent hug while your out, My best snood is from primark its so thick and warm 
mittens,gloves,hand warmers whatever it is you prefer because theirs nothing worse than having icicles for fingers!

Bath bombs,bubble bars and bubble bath
This one can be done through out the year but I find the wintery months I get the most use from a bath bomb and bubble bar as it's chilly outside I'll spend a lot longer in a hot bath.
LUSH have amazing dare I say it? Christmas ranges

Wooly socks
Who doesn't love wooly socks? even if it's just to slide around the house like a loon these beauties are a must! 

There's nothing better than doing the school run with snuggly toes and fairly warm shins, I certainly notice the difference when I get home and have thighs that feel like they've just been pulled out of the freezer but the bottoms of my legs feel nice and toasty.

Hand warmers
Poundland have a few different cute designs of hand warmers the one where you snap something inside and it heats them up so I plan to stock up on a few to have in my handbag for the girls and myself if I ever need them, what amazing inventions!

This one goes without saying a good Umbrella.
Of course if I can avoid going out in the rain then I will but sometimes it's unavoidable (school runs, appointments etc) Your going to need a good umbrella I don't actually own one and I don't own a coat with a hood either.
I'm scared of grown up umbrellas but I'm looking at getting a dome one in hope it won't go turning inside out on me.

Do you have a must have/essential for the autumn and winter months that I've missed?

Day Nineteen - My 1O favourtie foods #BEDAoutmumbered

one - pasta
two - pizza
three -  roast dinners
four - my mumsies home made curry
five - chow mein 
six -  bacon pudding
seven - Spaghetti bolognese
eight -  classic savaloy and chips 
nine - Full english fry ups
ten - doner kebabs (one I really want to stop eating)

Monday, 18 August 2014

Day Eighteen - What I collect #BEDAoutmumbered

I'm quite the hoarder if there is any kind of story,memory or personal meaning behind something I keep it!
The girls alone have 4 plastic crates of memory stuff, birthday cards,labels,clothes,locks of hair you name it it's in there it's something I really need to narrow down.
I'm guessing handbags & shoes is an obvious one?

Anything and everything to do with Tim Burtons Nightmare Before Christmas
My mug and glass collection very sadly got smashed after the shelf they were displayed on fell off the wall :'( 
I have underwear,socks,PJ's,cookie jars,posters,dvds,figures,china statues from america,bags,purses,hoodies for both me & the girls,candle holders,christmas baubles,tattoos.
 Smelly candles and melts.
I've always been a candle lover but I only found the world of Yankee late last year/earlier this year, I have a little stash of wax tarts,jar candles and votive candles but I'm always eying up new ones and new scents, there's nothing more satisfying then smelling a new scent and settling down to relax with one melting away.

Nail Polishes
I have acrylics on majority of the time so I own a ridiculous amount of nail polishes/varnishes for one set of toes. 
I can't help but buy a new shade even if it's similar to one I already have, The obsession is growing on the girls every chance they get they dive into my nail varnish basket.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Day Seventeen - Timeline of your day #BEDAoutmumbered

I started my day with a little extra in bed as I woke up with a slight headache so Andy bundled the girls downstairs and sorted out their breakfast. Lucky me!
When I eventually rolled out of bed around 11:3O (naughty naughty) Set for the day in my jarmie bottoms and one of Andys trusty T-shirts I headed straight to the kitchen and started the washing up ready to start preparing dinner.
I don't know why or what it is but for as long as I can remember we've always had our sunday roast in the afternoon rather than the usual dinner time of 6

After dinner the girls went and played while me and Andy lazed about watching crappy tv (love a sunday laze)
The girls came downstairs to join us and Daisie settled in for a snuggle, Issy pointed out she had fallen asleep so with Daisie snoozing I thought I'd settle for a snooze with her, So with that Andy took Issy out for a little bit to visit his dad

Once Issy returned home and Daisie was back with us from snoozeland, I sent them off with the studio catalogue to tick off what they'd like for Christmas (I'm so lost on what to get them)
They came back to me with the strangest things ticked, the little cuties ticked off the bits they'd like to get us bless them :') 
we spent the rest of the day being lazy with the fox and the hound 2 on, then it was bed time for the girls!

#Silent Sunday - 17.O8.2O14

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Day Sixteen - If I won the lottery #BEDAoutmumbered

 I never actually enter the lottery but if I did and was lucky enough to win...
First on the list would so be taking the girls to Disney world!!
I'd pay off any debts I and Andy have, Offer a lump sum to my parents and close family may they need it.
Another lump sum would go in a savings account for my girls.
Next would be a classic beetle for myself, a trike for Andy
new wardrobe for us all of course ;) 
Look at me spending like a mad woman!
 I'd set up a business for me and Andy being, then possible a new house like I mentioned in my where I'd like to be in 1O years post on day 4 of the #BEDA challenge.
If there happens to be any left it would go into savings for when we need it.
Think I'll be buying a lottery ticket soon just in case ;)  you got to be in it to win it

Family Fun

I really haven't got as many days out and things done as I'd have liked through the holidays so far :(
The girls had picked to go to Pizza Hut for lunch on weds so that was the plan UNTIL my mum let me know the bus to get there no longer takes cash.
So that turned our plans upside down as we don't have the card you need so we re-arranged for when I can grab one, So we headed to the cafe on the way Andy suggested quietly out of ear shot of the girls we should go to the park and feed the ducks.
Through out the whole lunch the girls were none the wiser and when they finally asked what we were doing next we told them we were off to see a man about a banana LOL
All the way there the girls were hunting for a man with a banana, even once we were on the field they were still hunting then it dawned on them what was going on when the park came into sight :')
While there we went on the pedal boats I was amazed how well behaved the girls were, they have a rule of adults only in the front which left the girls behind us which I think is crazy!!
We planned to have one in the front with Andy and one in the back with me so we could keep a better eye on them but they sat so well :)
A little while before we were called in the heavens opened but we stayed put and enjoyed our time on the boats, Our boat liked to leak every time you pedaled with a bit of speed which resulted in me getting a soaking wet bum, Thank god the rain didn't last to long and the sun decided to show its face and it dried pretty quickly, As this wasn't a trip planned before we headed out the girls played in the small park area for a little bit then it was home after the girls had got their ice creams.
We'll be returning again soon for more fun on the boats, the water park area and a picnic