Friday, 27 March 2015

Mummy & Me #1

After reading about Nicola's from over at nicolalifethroughmyeyes new linky Mummy and me I just had to link up. 
With both my babies in school/nursery soon both to be full time school *sobs* it's rare that both of them will be in a photo with me one that I'm happy to share online anyway, Daisie likes to spend a lot of her time in just her pants even when she is dressed she tends to strip off like in the above pictures but luckily her mop of hair has hidden any mojor bits so I was happy to share those ones.

I hope to be able to get alot more photos of us together this year and not just the selfie kind, Daddy's going to have to pull out his photography and capture those perfectly natural shots.

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Spring/Summer Bucket List '15

With the Easter holidays nearing my minds going crazy with ideas of what we can get up to during the girls week off and then its the BIG one!
The summer holidays

- Go swimming
- Go to a farm shop
- Visit a farm 
-  Go for a picnic
- Feed the ducks
- Go on the boats
- Go to the sea life centre
- Visit M&M world
- Make play-doh
- Go on a bug hunt
- Feather hunting  
-Visit eagle heights
- Go to the natural history museum

Monday, 23 March 2015

PINK PARCEL - It's a monthly thing

You may have seen this little box many times in the blogsphere but here it is again.
I don't even have the 'monthly thing' but I just had to get in on this amazing little box even more so when I found out your first box only costs £5.95 (then £9.99 a month)
How amazing is that! 
 So down to the box, most of us girls dread that time of the month but this little box just makes it that so much better. Not only does it come jam packed with whatever it is you may use tampons, sanitary towels etc (you get to chose what brand/style)
There's also a little box of pick me ups too! Like I said AMAZING
Pink parcel also do another box especially for teenagers called 'teenparcel' something I'm so signing up to for each of the girls when they have their monthlys if the company is still going which I really hope so.

In my box
2 boxes and a little draw string bag of tampax
 Perfectil skin, hair & nails tablets sample
Tube of bubble T bath bombs
Tea pigs chocolate flake tea bag
PAW PAW moisturising balm
Divine caramel dark chocolate 
4 Bandzee's
O.P.I creme gloss nail varnish

As if all of this wasn't good enough I also got a 2O% OFF code for flamingo candles a company I've been dying to purchase from ever since I found them and a £25 gift card for Gousto!
You can sign up to receive your box every month at
I'm sure you'll be with me on saying what a genius idea!

Saturday, 21 March 2015


A note you may never see but one day you may stumble across my blog and have a peek for more than a proof read of a post I'm yet to publish but want to be sure and have your opinion on it first.
I know over the years I've become increasingly harder to live with and most days you really don't know whether your coming or going and forever treading on eggshells as you can never be to sure to know what kind of mood I'm in that day and what may set me off, I'm always holding things in and only letting you in on my thoughts when I've reached boiling point and all the trivial things become the biggest problem yet once I've finally let you in I look back at them and think REALLY? something I promise never to do again every time it happens yet I continue to do so.
When I turn into a heap of sobbing mess because I'm an awful mum, I'm sick of my sh*thole of a house your there to hold me and remind me of everything I'm getting right and that I do the best I can, 
Each and every day you remind me how much you love me, that you think I'm gorgeous even with a face that could easily be the new face of dominos pepperoni passion pizzas, every little bit of me that I point out and hate you seem to love the most.
You often pull me to a halt in whatever it is I'm doing just to let me know how much you love me, the movie kind where you make me look deep into your eyes just to know I'm taking it in and not just shrugging it off, I admire every little thing you do, the thought of our girls thinking you can 'fix' anything just like I used to my dad when I asked him to fix my leg like he did everything else (a story he often tells me) turns me to total mush.

Because I really don't tell you often enough I just want to remind you that I love you just as much today as I did the day we became us if not much much more, I love the little things that make you, you the way you pout your lips when you concentrate, as much as it drives me mad but the way you have ketchup on EVERYTHING, the way you throw yourself and put your all into any kind of project you take on, how you seem to claim any corner we have in the living room unless I got it first, the way your the only person I know that can leave socks in two totally different places or maybe its a different pair but I've come across them separately, how when I eventually give in and gather up the mugs you've had tea in at your desk at least half of them have the half way bit from your rizzla packet rolled into a ball in them or the empty rizzla packet, as difficult as it makes spag bol making you will only have the tomato and garlic sauce and know if I've tried a different sauce and not told you, how I got sky for the girls but the planner is full of all your programmes, how you'll try your hand at anything and usually end up pretty awesome at whatever it is, how you won't kiss me when you come back in from a cigarette because I don't smoke, how you sneak out of the bedroom and leave me to sleep until I wake up over the weekends, how your full of so many random facts, how you will talk to me about your bike even though you know I have no idea what the hell half of it means, I love how you always make sure I have enough cherry coke to last me the rest of the day/night if not you'll take a walk to the local garage to go and get me another bottle, how you can find the funny side to absolutely anything.
God I really can go on can't I?
I just know you'll be doing that chuckle that I just adore reading that last line if you have found yourself reading this.

I love you!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Coffe shop observations

Sitting waiting for a friend, I found myself people watching in the not so secluded corner of the coffee shop, with 3O minutes still to wait I thought I'd download the blogger app and write up this post...

I observed how the ladies that lunch aside of me refused to share their table with the elderly man looking for a seat, so much so the 2nd lady waiting in the que felt the need to leave the que to let the sweet little man know she was going to be sitting there (please note this was a table for 4) so with that I ushered him into the seat on my table the table of 4 I grabbed quickly as it was the only one available. I looked around to the twins being gently soothed, the ladies nattering away while they sipped their hot chocolates, the clattering of the cups, the harsh sound of built up steam finally letting go.
A smaller table became free so I made a run for it hoping that the sweet man I shared my table with hasn't taken offence to my swift exit, with many conversations surrounding me I'm gutted that the loudest was by 2 guys one asking the other if its bad that all he can think about is fingering that bird GROSS.. the kind of conversation you expect from a teen but no it left the mouth of a middle aged work man who could easily have a daughter not much younger than myself!
I sit here glad that my stomach feels as hollow and empty as it does or I may have thrown up in my mouth a little.
I've been sat here for over 30 minutes and I'm still torn between a hot chocolate I don't actually like as its chilly outside or a cooler that I love but will leave me with really cold hands.

If you didn't guess by the picture of a hot chocolate accompanying this post I went for the hot chocolate and today's one confirmed it I really don't like hot chocolate.

Saturday, 14 March 2015


You may have noticed in my previous post about YOU BEAUTY that I wasn't sure if I was going to go ahead with my subscription boy am I glad I forgot to cancel said subscription.
It didn't even cross my mind until I got an email with a receipt for my payment for this months box, So with that I headed over to the website to see this months picks and was totally spoilt for choice and amazed to find 2 brands that I've been dying to get my hands on so of course as tough of a choice it was I just had to go for those ones.

In my box
Dove youthful vitality shampoo and conditioner
NAKD coco orange bar
 The Vintage Cosmetic Company Eyelash curler
Illamasqua lipstick in SANGERS matt finish - blood red

For £6.95 I'm VERY impressed with this months box and I think I may just be keeping up my subscription after all.