Tuesday, 30 September 2014

LUSH - Karma bubble bar

'Get an instant lift with this bubble bar with our signature exotic orange and patchouli fragrance. Sweet orange oil is refreshing, tangy and uplifting, as is lemongrass oil. Lavandin is a close relative of lavender and has similarly relaxing properties. Pine oil adds a fresh, green note to the perfume and elemi oil, which is traditionally used in incense recipes, adds complexity and freshness.'

£3.25 each 
With both the girls at school/nursery I thought I'd use that time wisely and use one of the bubble bars from my last LUSH haul.
So the karma bubble bar it was, I'd usually dunk the whole of this in as I love BUBBLES but as I'd promised the girls I'd let them use one of my bubble bars it's only fair to save them some. 
 I broke a little bit off not totally thinking it through camera in one hand, bubble bar in the other with a running bath resulted in getting a chunk in my hand and the other bit of that chunk all over the floor ahh...
I expected it to change the colour of my bath water a little more than it did but lets face it I'm not 5 I can deal with it!
As I mentioned before when I head into lush I don't go in knowing what bath products do what etc, If it smells good it will go in my basket and I read up on it after I've used it.
We all know what happened next don't we?
With Lavadin being an ingredient it goes without saying I crashed out on my bed and eventually woke up at 2:45 3O minutes before I was due to grab the girls, hair a wet mess where I fell asleep with a towel still on my head, a squabble to get my clothes together and get ready for the school pick up. 
Will I be buying this again YES! 
any lush product that has any hint of lavender in is guaranteed to knock me out good and proper.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Simple Spotless Skin - Spot Zapper

I was lucky enough to go through my teens with 'flawless' skin so everyone would say, But boy am I paying for it now I honestly look like I'm a sponsor model for dominos pepperoni passion pizzas!
My skin is awful not only do I have spots, I'm a serial picker the minute a spot looks unsightly I'll claw at it until it ends up bleeding which has left my skin with horrible scar marks which add a little bit of cold to they end up being what feels like magnified as that's all I seem to see when I catch my reflection which leaves me feeling disgusting.
Enough of my ramblings to the point...
While in Tesco a little while ago spending my voucher I got for joining SKY I noticed a lot of the simple spotless skin range on offer so with skin like mine I thought what the heck it's worth a go.
 I grabbed the spot zapper roll on for £2.5O 

'smile, it's simple Get results in just 4 hours with our spotless skin rapid action spot zapper. It's a bled of spot fighting ingredients and natural antibacterial goodness. It's tough on spots but gentle on your skin. Perfect for even sensitive skin.'

For best results - Apply directly to spots as soon as they appear. Repeat application until the spot has disappeared.

I always forget that I have this but when I remember I've only ever needed to do one application because there is such a big difference to the big angry spot that had it's own brain. (we all know the ones I mean the one that could be mistaken for an extra head)
I'd highly recommend this to anyone who has troublesome spots, I have the face wash but haven't really used it much but using this alone really helps make them less visible.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Another year down, Hello 23!

Today was/is my 23rd birthday!!
I started my day with strict orders of staying in bed until I wanted to get up, When I finally opened my eyes and decided I couldn't stay in my pit any longer the girls came up and gave me the cards they'd made along with my presents. When I eventually rolled out of bed I was again ordered to plonk myself on the sofa and do NOTHING everytime I tried I was marched back into the living room, with a lovely fry-up for breakfast with bacon that Andy had spent ages trying to make extra crispy just how I like it bless him (I hate crispy bacon I like mine dipped,flipped and out)
I woke up to a message from my wonderful mother in-law wishing me a happy birthday and letting me know she'd put some money into my bank account to treat myself and to make sure I treat myself. 
Just as I thought my day couldn't get any better my mum popped down with some pressies and a little package wrapped in tin fool that was still hot, mmm... mums home made fruit cake I thought BUT the cherry on the top of my day it wasn't cake it was a mini bacon pud just for me!!!
In my fave food #BEDA post a few asked what on earth bacon pudding was so I just had to grab a picture to add with my blog post. 
You'd usually have some spuds with it but I had none so extra veg it was! 
Then to top the day off my brother popped round for a little bit.
So with another year down and the girls tucked in bed it's X-factor and browsing for some bits to spend my birthday money on. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bring on December - Yankee candle advent calendar

I was lucky enough to snap this beauty up from a lady on a facebook local selling site for £15! 
Yep you read that right, so of course with a price like that I was having it.
I'm not much of a chocolate eater anymore so this was the perfect advent calendar for me, This divine smelling little beauty has 25 tea lights with a mixture of their festive Christmas scents inside.
I'm so excited to open the little doors and see what scent I'll be burning that day

Snowflake cookie
Angel wings
Cranberry ice
Christmas cookie
Christmas garland

Although cellophane wrapped the heavenly scents hit you as you enter the room straight away.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Monday, 22 September 2014

To trick or treat or NOT to trick or treat?

 (Our pumpkins last year by Andy)

I know this is a very controversial subject, some are totally against some don't see the harm etc
and I welcome everyone's views and would love to hear them :) 
I used to take the girls to a few houses but now I'm really against the idea, For ages now I've said we spend the entire year telling our children not to talk to strangers and not to accept sweets/drinks etc of any kind from them.
But for one night of the year we let them knock their doors and take them without a problem?
The world just seems to cruel now to allow my girls to go and knock what with it being in the news that some kids were given cocaine last year, it's really sad to think of it this way but the world really isn't safe anymore not that it was years ago but it all seems so more frequent now days.

I feel really mean not letting the girls get involved and having them watch as people knock our door and end their night with all sorts of goodies.
and that was what made me take them out the past few years rather than standing my ground and doing something else with them and that makes me sad.
Last year we had a little Halloween party to avoid going trick or treating but my house ended up wrecked!
Brain jelly all trod in the floor through out the house, endless bits of food found in the girls bedroom and the cherry on the cake someone had a little accident on Daisie's bed but didn't say so it wasn't until I shoved my nose right in thinking someone had spilt a drink I had a proper trick/treat to find someone had wet themselves! 
So a party is a total no go this year, So the girls don't totally miss out on the fun I'll still be getting them outfits, a bag of sweets of their choice and we'll be enjoying our night answering the door in our outfits with some treats and films :)

How do you plan to spend Halloween this year? 
Does trick or treating get a YES or NO from you?