Friday, 6 March 2015

Poundlands Hidden Treasures

If your a regular reader of my blog you'll know its no secret that I'm a pound shop mega fan!
Since having one open up local to me it's become a daily routine to just 'pop' in and see whats new with no intentions of buying anything just like today when I ended up leaving with £16 worth of stuff.
There's just so many hidden gems in there if I ever have anything on my wish list I make sure to check out the poundland shelves first.
I've wanted a heart shaped bowl for what seems forever I often go into wilkos look at them, pick them up then put them back and leave so when I saw them in poundland it was only right that I picked myself up two and more than likely return to get some more in the week.
I've become obsessed with glass jars lately and saw the one pictured but didn't pick it up stupidly as I couldn't think of what the hell I would use it for then as soon as my feet stepped on my living room floor I thought of the perfect use and HAD to go and get one but there was none left until a few visits later I saw a stranded one right by the tills so of course it came home with me and now sits proudly holding all my cotton pads, plastic make-up storage is everywhere another thing I've been dying to get my mits on so once again as soon as I saw it I literally slam dunked it into my basket I also have a flower kind of shaped lipstick/lip pencil holder that I bought ages ago but can I find it anywhere to include in this post? Of course not...
Candles... whenever I find scented candles I turn into a candle pervert sniffing every different scent available the jarred love heart candle was no exception it smells exactly like the pink refresher chew bar delicious.
I don't think I really need to go into why I grabbed the Rimmel lip crayon do I?
who can say no to one of those for £1?

I saw these when I planned to write this post but thought buying them for blog purposes when I really would have no use at all for them would be pointless BUT now I have an excuse baby niece/nephew number 11 is on the way!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

H&M Make-up brush cleansing spray

With my last H&M online order I spotted their make-up brush cleansing spray for £2.99, now that I have a decent set of brushes I thought it was time they had the TLC they deserve.
I did plan on buying some baby shampoo as I've seen people recommend it all over the place but I just loved the simplicity of the packaging of this cleansing spray, it will also fit in perfectly with my new bedroom decor plans.
I know it's probably self explanatory but I'm pretty gutted it doesn't have any kind of instructions on how to use it, I always like the reassurance of guidelines so I can be sure I'm using something correctly.
OMG the smell!
It just screams soft and gentle I can't even describe what it smells like it smells so nice BUT I have noticed at first it smells like pure alcohol the kind on the alcohol wipes I use before piercing someone which I can't say I'm keen on using on my face but once they had dried the lovely fresh smell returned. I couldn't help but keep sniffing my brushes.
To clean my brushes I sprayed a little onto the tips and then rubbed them against some kitchen roll (which I think I'll upgrade to a flannel just for my make-up brushes) they fairly quickly returned to their brand new looking state with the end bristles going back to white and they still felt as soft as ever.

Is it sad to be excited to wash your make-up brushes again?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Groombridge Gardens - My childhood safe haven

We all have that favourite childhood place don't we? The place we went to often as a child and the place we'd love to make a regular haunt for our own little families.
My favourite childhood place was Groombridge place gardens 4 miles south west of tunbridge wells, This place was my very own wonderland I remember spending many of my summer holidays visiting the giant chest board, letting the koi carp suck on my finger tips, following many peacocks round the garden grounds, knocking on the numbered paving stones lent up against trees waiting for fairies to come out if you knocked at the right time of day, visitng the gypsies in their caravans and the indians in their teepees, swinging on the overly huge swings hanging from trees which fit me and my mum on with our matching hats, getting on the barge to get to the other end of the gardens just talking about it makes me all fuzzy inside.
I loved this place so much I longed to get married there it was the only place fitting for my big day and one of my most meaningful tattoos has a lone peacock feather situated in it to resemble my days there going home with any stray peacock feathers I came across running around the grounds there, It's needless to say I couldn't wait to take my own little family there bubbling with excitement at the magic they will feel that I once felt as their little feet run around the play paths, seeing the zeedonk if he was around in a place you'd be able to catch a glimpse of him.

The time finally came 3 years ago to take my girls to the place that was the most magical place I've been, My friends very kindly took us along as I was dying to get more information on  holding my wedding there. 
 With all my childhood memories flooding back I was so excited I'm sure I actually skipped my way from the car to the entrance after paying for us all to get in, I was raring to get stuck into all the old things I once done as a little girl but it was like getting kicked in the stomach it was no longer all what I promised my friends and girls it would be. 
Wicker dragons were left without heads,the gypsie caravans barely had any windows left and what it seems to be just left to rot, the once mystic blue pool was nothing but a slushy mud puddle, the many beautiful peacocks could barely be found (we did find one but Issy was terrified)
That being said I'm really hoping it was to do with the time of year we went as it was pretty cold, The little girl in me is wishing and hoping with all her might that it was just down to the time of year and that all those things get patched up come the warmer weather. 
I can't wait to pass my driving test so I can make regular visits there willing for the magic to return and witness my girls feel the magic I once felt.

I can't get married in the actual part I wish to get married in so it's my mission to travel up on the morning of my wedding to re create the many photos of me as a little girl with both my mum and dad in them with me in my wedding dress, possibly my girls too.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

It's okay to cry....

Ever get to that point where you finally break down and the tears just won't stop?
You sit there not even thinking but the tears keep falling and you have no idea why your even crying anymore?
Today was that day, I'm guilty of holding things in until I get like this and every time I make a promise that I won't do it anymore yet I still do!
Strangely other than the points I'm about to mention I've been okay in myself and have no idea where today's tears came from.
I woke up fine no problems at all pretty happy then anxiety hit everyone and everything felt way to close to me when in reality they really weren't that close at all, Me and Issy were having a stand off over a kinder egg (damn those poxy things) something that would usually leave me in fits of giggles over her teenager like strop because I wouldn't give in as easily as I once would have,
everything was like a mega phone in my ear and was driving me stir crazy and these days have become far to often for my liking.
I'm a mum and love my girls dearly but days like today I can't handle having them near me when all I want is a giant kiss and cuddle from them both but I just can't handle it and that f*cking kills me!
I know what kind of mother doesn't want her kids around her at all times?
That mother would be me and it kills me to admit it, I feel like a prisoner in my own mind and body.
My heart is bursting and I want nothing more than to snuggle my babies all day but my brain and senses are freaking out and can't even begin to process the idea of having them so close. which in turn leaves me feeling so guilty I never thought one person could feel so much guilt, which leaves all my emotions snowballing.
Today was a day were I could happily lock myself away and only come out when I needed the toilet,

I fear going to sleep and relaxing because it could be a night of panic attacks because you never know I could possibly be sick that night something I can repeatedly tell myself that I won't be and to chill out but my brain refuses to listen and decides to send me into uncontrollable shakes, jaw chattering and panicking so much I forget how to swallow. 
a simple cough leaving me gagging because its as if my brain can't process that it's just a cough and I'm not in the start of the process of being sick.
12 and 3am are a time my brain cannot handle, without a doubt if I'm awake to see that time I will have a panic attack, which in turn leaves me forcing myself to sleep when either time is approaching.
I can no longer tell if I'm hungry or feel sick again anymore, something I once struggled with as a teenager and something I once controlled myself something I'm determined to do again.

Today was the day that I finally gave in, I'd had enough of living like this and the tears wouldn't stop.
My next steps?
I honestly don't know but booking in with my GP and sorting my CBT is going to be a start.

Sorry for the rather personal post
tbh I didn't really know where I was going with it but I hope the title was a powerful enough message to anyone that didn't read any further and to those that did, I always forget that it is okay to cry.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Since signing up to my first beauty box I've become a bit obsessed and find myself on the hunt for even more monthly boxes to give a try. Second on my sign up list was the 'YOU BEAUTY discovery box' for £6.95 per box this ones slightly different to the usual beauty boxes as you get to pick two of your items and you'll be sent other treats along with the items you chose.
When it arrived I was baffled as to what the hell it was as it came in a grey posting bag and was quite small compared to what I was expecting so it was one of those what the hell have I ordered? parcels.

In my box

Lindt LINDOR chocolates - My mums favourties so they'll be going straight to her
bareMinerals BARESKIN pure brightening serum foundation sample
IN.FUSED coconut body scrub 1OOG
AGE DEFY+ 24hour brightening moisturizer.

I love the cute little box but I'm unsure if I'll be going ahead with ordering anymore of these boxes, for the extra few pounds I could sign up to another beauty box and it be full of surprises which is more fitting to me.

Have you tried a YOU BEAUTY discovery box? What did you think?

Sunday, 22 February 2015

We made our own playdoh

One thing my little household goes through almost as quick as a loaf of bread if not quicker is playdoh!
If it's not found its way smudged and dried up in my shaggy rug, it's been put back in a tub without a lid and gone crusty.
Now £1 for a big tub of playdoh really isn't a bad price but I thought while the girls have a week off we'd have a go at making our own, when we made salt dough around christmas time Daisie sat and played with it for hours so it seemed the perfect half term activity for us to do,
It was so quick and easy to do we were able to whip up a batch within 1O minutes so it's the perfect activity to do with children where the fun doesn't end with the making.

You'll need

2 tablespoons of cream of tar tar (optional)
1 cup of boiling water
1 cup of plain flour
1/2 cup of salt
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
Food colouring
Glitter (optional)
Pepper mint oil (optional)

Put all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix together, Mix until it starts bonding together and becomes harder to carry on mixing. Once it starts forming a ball kind of shape no matter how much you mix leaving the other sides of the bowl clear of any mixture take it out and knead until it starts to feel and look like playdoh. It will be hot when you take it out of the bowl so be careful with little hands near that can't wait to get stuck in.

We used gel food colouring as the recipe we followed suggested they gave a more brighter colour but I think we may have needed two of each colour to get a more vivid colour than we did, our blue came out in the perfect 'Frozen' inspired colour which we used silver glitter in but that batch ended up in the bin as I never reboiled the kettle. So note to self re boil the kettle with each new batch being made or it just won't form well enough to use.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Our Bedroom's Having A Makeover

Bedroom Redecoration Plans

For ages now my bedroom has just not been what I wanted it to be, My furniture doesn't match and it's just blurgh.. I shut the door so no one see's it because it currently looks like the room that's been unpacked and temporarily set up because you've just moved in and needed somewhere to sleep but we've been here coming up to 4 years
So it's time I turned it into my perfect little safe place that I'm proud of so what better way to inspire me to get my bum in gear and get it started? Than to put a mood board together of little finishing touches based around the new wallpaper/paint plans. 
I've been showing and talking to Andy for months now about what I want the room to be like and just had the typical man 'yeah' reply to everything I've said, He caught a glimpse of what I put together and was very pleasantly surprised and seems very excited for it to come together so with that being said I ordered the wallpaper while his excited in hope when it arrives the transformation can begin.
I've become metal shade obsessed I want copper and brass accessories everywhere! 
As I share a room with a man the new style seems fitting for us both it's not to manly but not to girly either it's a nice happy medium and the grey means I can chuck any colour in there and it won't clash to much, something that can't be said for my current green room.