Friday, 26 April 2013

A quick apology

My punctuation and grammar is appalling so i apologize how dreadful my big posts are when it comes to this, it's something i really need to work on it never has been my strong point.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all my followers so far :) 
ANY comments and suggestions are welcome, I'd love to hear from you 

Gone bath bomb crazy

Ever since making my first LUSH purchase me and my girls have gone bath bomb crazy
so I've been hunting like crazy online for bath bomb companies 
I've come across a few very well priced companies 
a few i'm yet to try but i've made an order with one company and I've never been so excited for a parcel before!!  (I'm currently filling my baskets on other websites to see how much this obsession is going to cost me)

Websites i've found with amazing looking bath bombs + prices
  1. - only downfall to this is the postage price but when the bath bombs are £1 something its still not to bad 
  2. - i have an order on the way from these guys :) i will review once my order arrives
  4. of course the wonderful -
  5. a quite well known company that I've come across loads on instagram -

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Meet my little family

                                                                Meet my little family :)

My partner.....
I've been with my partner Andy since 3rd June 2OO9 engaged since 17th March 2O11, We plan on getting married as soon as our money tree sheds a few more leaves to allow us to get married as much as we want to we know we love each other dearly, it would be amazing to be married but it's not the most important thing to us. Andy took on my eldest daughter when she was 1 and a half years old and her dad decided not to be in contact with her after our split (he's now back in contact)  you really can't tell she wasn't his so many people say how alike they are and even how much they look like each other, i often forget she's not actually his by blood, he has been so wonderful with her there have been some tough times with her attitude since starting school but he does all that he can for her and treats her no different to her sister. I really am a lucky girl 

My Eldest daughter...
I had my eldest daughter Isabella-Rose at a very young age i was 16 when i gave birth to her, On 12th January 2OO8  i wouldn't change one little thing she brightened up my entire world, it goes without saying it can be really hard but the cuddles,kisses and i love you mum makes all that not matter not to mention how i'll always have a best friend and someone that i'll always been the world to :) She's now 5 and is in reception she abso loves school, she's like having a miniature teenage me around we are so alike its scary

My Youngest daughter...
Daisie was born on 15th July 2O11, she was diagnosed with CCAM lung when i was 21 weeks pregnant, she's doing really well as she only has a small case of it we will find out once she turns two whether she will need an operation to remove it (which really isn't far away my babies are growing up to quickly) she's as cheeky as ever and so much like her dad it's creepy he could have easily grew her in a tube out in his shed, I love both my girls so much and wouldn't change a thing about being a young mum :)

Now i can't go leaving out our 2 pets can I? 

Meet Cookie
Cookie never was originally our cat he adopted us when we moved to our new home back in 2O1O, he randomly kept coming in and sitting with me even if it was just on my feet he was always with me, everyone that came round kept saying 'cats like pregnant people' we was TTC Daisie at the time so i thought okay why not take a test and there it was a positive. He's been with us ever since :)

Meet Ziggy

My daughter Isabella-Rose has always loved my friends axolotls so when her one's had babies straight away she claimed one, he came to us when he was teeny he's now a porky little man we forever have been asking what the hell he is which makes me love him that so much more, i love everything weird :) 

                   If there is anything you would like to know please feel free to leave me a comment  

REVIEW - NYC smooch proof lip stain

excuse my bad picture taking

I purchased a NYC smooch proof 16Hr lip stain in Forever mine wine 499 from fragrance direct and it really is smooch proof, after 4 kisses of my hand i gave my partner a smooch  and  it didn't leave a mark at all, (so an automatic thumbs up from my partner & daughters they are forever walking around with big kiss marks on their cheeks) and my lips were still full of colour, The colour is absolutely amazing I LOVE it! The applicator is just like the nib on a marker which is really going to take some getting used to when applying.

I'm really struggling with applying it atm :( but will be hunting youtube for any tutorials to find out what people put on their lips before applying and how they apply it because the colour is amazing

Once i've nailed applying it i will update this post with close up's of how it looks on but for now i've added a picture of a swatch (which doesn't do it much justice, my lighting's crap in my room atm) + a picture i grabbed before wiping it off as it really bothered me how it showed up all the bits on my lips that looked like i've been biting the skin off my lips :( i'll grab a picture of this in the morning when the lighting is better in my room.

                         Thank you for reading :) any comments & suggestions welcome

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BARGAIN Buy - Shabby Chic Tealight Holder

I've  gone abit mad for shabby chic lately so i couldn't help but grab this from my local poundland today (yes poundland) i've seen them a few times in there before but they were always sold out when i decided i actually wanted one so there was no way i was leaving it behind today, A very similar tealight holder to this can be found on ebay for £9.9O!! (the only real difference i can see is the iron being a little thicker)

Monday, 15 April 2013

25 facts about me

  1.  My full name is Linda Robina Ewing    'yep Ewing as in Dallas
  2. I do actually have a brother called JR too
  3. I find it really weird when people call me Linda i often think im in trouble when i'm called that, I've been called Lulu by those close to me ever since i was little 
  4. I'm a mother of two little girls
  5. I'm 21 will be 22 on September 27th (young mumma over here)
  6. I've been with my partner for 4 years in June 
  7. I'm a certified above the waist body piercer
  8. I have the side of my face and the side of my head tattooed 
  9. I'm an only girl with 4 older brothers there's an age gap of 1O years between me and the youngest brother so i'm the baby of the family
  10. I have over 2O piercings
  11. I want to get married in black
  12. I haven't seen my natural hair colour properly for years (other than on my shaved side when it grows back a little bit)      
  13. I have a sick phobia and have done for years
  14. I'm an aunty to 1O and a great aunty to 4
  15. I have bad anxiety and struggle to mix with people and often struggle with the thought of leaving my house 
  16. I'm obsessed with Tim Burton you will find things everywhere around my house to do with NBC or jack skellington heads
  17. I'm crazily laid back, my first tattoo was done by my partner it was the first tattoo he ever done on human skin i now have 18 or so all done by him :)
  18. I drink nothing but fizzy drinks as much as i would love to drink flavoured water or juice i can't without getting a mouth full of ulcers :(
  19.  I struggle to get through a day without an afternoon snooze despite having a full nights undisturbed sleep 
  20. I really want my tongue split and some horn implants 
  21. I can't wear rings,bracelets or necklaces since having my daughters (just like my mum couldn't after having one of my brothers) but i'm going to try this year as i really want to have accesories to make up my outfits abit more and a watch 
  22. I've never really been a girly girl until recently I now love floral, glitter, i'm not hating pink so much and i'm going mad on minnie mouse and love a disney princess movie  
  23. I'm terrified of moths and butterflies
  24. My mum still has to take me to the dentist or i won't go, i've been alone once and hated it  
  25. Growing up i always hated men and never wanted children, i now have 2 children would love more and can't wait to get married

Sunday, 14 April 2013

BARGAIN Buys!! Fragrancedirect Website

I ordered from fragrance direct last week after seeing a post about it on instagram my friend also told me awhile ago but i totally forgot about it, my order came to a total of £12.44 then a delivery charge of £1.99, you get 4 different delivery options (i opted for 2nd class as i wasn't in a rush for my order) you get 1st class,2nd class,tracked and next day of course the delivery charge varies on which one you opt for and your waiting time will also vary on where you are, my order came within two days!! over all i'm super happy with my bargains and i will definitely be returning (i already have my basket full waiting for when i have some spare pennies) although there was a slight downfall but the prices over ride that all together!

The downfall - The two lipsticks i ordered looked like purple tones but when they arrived they were more of a pink (photos below) but for 99p and £1.99 it's not a total loss and i'm still likely to wear the shades anyway


My order
  • Dainty doll in shade 004 you are my sunshine £1.99 RRP £13.50
  • Rimmel match perfection in shade 071 porcelain £3.99 RRP £8.99
  • Rimmel colour show off lipstick in shade 050 have fun! £1.99 RRP £6.29
  • Rimmel moisture renew in shade 340 lily extase 99p RRP £4.99
  • W7 deluxe eyebrow pencil with brush in blonde 99p RRP £2.99
  • NYC smooch proof lip stain in 499 forever mine wine 99p RRP £3.99
  • Collection 2000 skyscraper mascara in 17 ultra black £1.50 RRP £4.99 
I will do individual reviews on the items i purchased :)

Live Colour XXL V46 & 00B

Now i'm a serial hair dyer i never have the same hair colour for to long, i'm known for my bright funky hair colours in my area and people are always looking out for my next hair colours. Anyway after years of using bleach powder and peroxide on my hair to get my bright hair colours, my friend had gone back to her white blonde to get rid of her dark red and mentioned she used XXL so i thought i'd give it ago, i used the LIVE color XXL colour intense max blonde 00B to get rid of a dark red i ended up with after asking the hairdressers for a purple/plum (never again will i go to a hairdressers for a colour) the bottoms of my hair went a lovely white blonde but some places stayed a gingery orange colour if i wanted it all white another box would have sorted it, usually my hair takes atleast two lots of bleaching to get it white all over so from now on i will be using XXL to get my hair bright. I purchased mine from superdrug while it was on offer for £3.99 it's RRP is £5.49 

After attempting to stay blonde for 2 or so days i really couldn't do it so put on the LIVE colour XXL colour intense cyber purple V46 my partner grabbed this one for me at it's full price from asda but it was on offer in superdrug but he surprised me with it late at night, I put this on over the V46 by XXL very strangely for me i was dreading it being as bright as my usual colours as i'm preferring darker colours atm, my brights take so much up keep and having two little ones it's hard to keep up with root touch ups etc. Anyway i washed the dye off and instantly fell in love with my hair colour it's not an bright in your face purple but its a nice vibrant purple, indoors its a dark plum but still noticeably purple, outside and in natural light its a brighter more vibrant purple but not an in your face purple 

The only small downfall to these dyes are you'll need to buy a whole box of dye for root touch ups (my others were like hair gel so just use what i need and popped the lid back on) and the smell is very strong until your 2nd good wash but a small price to pay for the gorgeous colours

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Review - LUSH sexbomb & Thinkpink bathbombs

I finally took the plunge and made my first purchase at LUSH on Wednesday (abit behind with the times i know) I purchased the sexbomb bath bomb for myself and a thinkpink & a ickle baby bot for my daughters (which i'll review further down this post) This was the perfect bathbomb to buy as a first i knew nothing about the bomb itself but loved how pretty it looked the smell is amazing, once the bomb has dissolved it leaves you with a lovely flower floating around your bath i attempted picking it up for another picture but broke it, i'll definitely be buying more and no doubt this one again 

sorry about the picture i didn't get many as the girls were excited about watching it fizz as was i as it was the first one we used

My daughter chose this one and was super excited when the guy working in LUSH told her about the heart confetti inside that will float in her bath the bomb dissolves, her and her sister loved using it in their bath now me on the other hand wasn't keen on it's scent it was quite strong but didn't smell to nice and the hearts didn't float which was quite disappointing maybe im just a big kid but i will be purchasing again for my little girls as they loved it. We are yet to use the ickle baby bot


Now i like most women love a good bargain so when i saw this bag for £9 in primark there was no way i could leave it behind, It also comes in white & pink. I'm yet to fill it up and use it (will come back and update this post once i've done so) it's a nice size not to big but not to small either, it has a front pocket where you'd put things you don't want to lose in the big compartment, aswell as a zip up pocket that most handbags have and a phone pocket with one slightly bigger beside it again like most handbags, the handle is adjustable giving you 5 different lengths.

I purchased this bag in bromley south primark on the 1Oth april so grab one while you can.