Monday, 15 April 2013

25 facts about me

  1.  My full name is Linda Robina Ewing    'yep Ewing as in Dallas
  2. I do actually have a brother called JR too
  3. I find it really weird when people call me Linda i often think im in trouble when i'm called that, I've been called Lulu by those close to me ever since i was little 
  4. I'm a mother of two little girls
  5. I'm 21 will be 22 on September 27th (young mumma over here)
  6. I've been with my partner for 4 years in June 
  7. I'm a certified above the waist body piercer
  8. I have the side of my face and the side of my head tattooed 
  9. I'm an only girl with 4 older brothers there's an age gap of 1O years between me and the youngest brother so i'm the baby of the family
  10. I have over 2O piercings
  11. I want to get married in black
  12. I haven't seen my natural hair colour properly for years (other than on my shaved side when it grows back a little bit)      
  13. I have a sick phobia and have done for years
  14. I'm an aunty to 1O and a great aunty to 4
  15. I have bad anxiety and struggle to mix with people and often struggle with the thought of leaving my house 
  16. I'm obsessed with Tim Burton you will find things everywhere around my house to do with NBC or jack skellington heads
  17. I'm crazily laid back, my first tattoo was done by my partner it was the first tattoo he ever done on human skin i now have 18 or so all done by him :)
  18. I drink nothing but fizzy drinks as much as i would love to drink flavoured water or juice i can't without getting a mouth full of ulcers :(
  19.  I struggle to get through a day without an afternoon snooze despite having a full nights undisturbed sleep 
  20. I really want my tongue split and some horn implants 
  21. I can't wear rings,bracelets or necklaces since having my daughters (just like my mum couldn't after having one of my brothers) but i'm going to try this year as i really want to have accesories to make up my outfits abit more and a watch 
  22. I've never really been a girly girl until recently I now love floral, glitter, i'm not hating pink so much and i'm going mad on minnie mouse and love a disney princess movie  
  23. I'm terrified of moths and butterflies
  24. My mum still has to take me to the dentist or i won't go, i've been alone once and hated it  
  25. Growing up i always hated men and never wanted children, i now have 2 children would love more and can't wait to get married


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    1. It's from ebay :) they do a few different colours too
      will check it out now x

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    1. Thank you so much :) i'll check it out now x