Friday, 26 April 2013

Gone bath bomb crazy

Ever since making my first LUSH purchase me and my girls have gone bath bomb crazy
so I've been hunting like crazy online for bath bomb companies 
I've come across a few very well priced companies 
a few i'm yet to try but i've made an order with one company and I've never been so excited for a parcel before!!  (I'm currently filling my baskets on other websites to see how much this obsession is going to cost me)

Websites i've found with amazing looking bath bombs + prices
  1. - only downfall to this is the postage price but when the bath bombs are £1 something its still not to bad 
  2. - i have an order on the way from these guys :) i will review once my order arrives
  4. of course the wonderful -
  5. a quite well known company that I've come across loads on instagram -


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