Sunday, 14 April 2013

Live Colour XXL V46 & 00B

Now i'm a serial hair dyer i never have the same hair colour for to long, i'm known for my bright funky hair colours in my area and people are always looking out for my next hair colours. Anyway after years of using bleach powder and peroxide on my hair to get my bright hair colours, my friend had gone back to her white blonde to get rid of her dark red and mentioned she used XXL so i thought i'd give it ago, i used the LIVE color XXL colour intense max blonde 00B to get rid of a dark red i ended up with after asking the hairdressers for a purple/plum (never again will i go to a hairdressers for a colour) the bottoms of my hair went a lovely white blonde but some places stayed a gingery orange colour if i wanted it all white another box would have sorted it, usually my hair takes atleast two lots of bleaching to get it white all over so from now on i will be using XXL to get my hair bright. I purchased mine from superdrug while it was on offer for £3.99 it's RRP is £5.49 

After attempting to stay blonde for 2 or so days i really couldn't do it so put on the LIVE colour XXL colour intense cyber purple V46 my partner grabbed this one for me at it's full price from asda but it was on offer in superdrug but he surprised me with it late at night, I put this on over the V46 by XXL very strangely for me i was dreading it being as bright as my usual colours as i'm preferring darker colours atm, my brights take so much up keep and having two little ones it's hard to keep up with root touch ups etc. Anyway i washed the dye off and instantly fell in love with my hair colour it's not an bright in your face purple but its a nice vibrant purple, indoors its a dark plum but still noticeably purple, outside and in natural light its a brighter more vibrant purple but not an in your face purple 

The only small downfall to these dyes are you'll need to buy a whole box of dye for root touch ups (my others were like hair gel so just use what i need and popped the lid back on) and the smell is very strong until your 2nd good wash but a small price to pay for the gorgeous colours


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