Thursday, 18 April 2013

Meet my little family

                                                                Meet my little family :)

My partner.....
I've been with my partner Andy since 3rd June 2OO9 engaged since 17th March 2O11, We plan on getting married as soon as our money tree sheds a few more leaves to allow us to get married as much as we want to we know we love each other dearly, it would be amazing to be married but it's not the most important thing to us. Andy took on my eldest daughter when she was 1 and a half years old and her dad decided not to be in contact with her after our split (he's now back in contact)  you really can't tell she wasn't his so many people say how alike they are and even how much they look like each other, i often forget she's not actually his by blood, he has been so wonderful with her there have been some tough times with her attitude since starting school but he does all that he can for her and treats her no different to her sister. I really am a lucky girl 

My Eldest daughter...
I had my eldest daughter Isabella-Rose at a very young age i was 16 when i gave birth to her, On 12th January 2OO8  i wouldn't change one little thing she brightened up my entire world, it goes without saying it can be really hard but the cuddles,kisses and i love you mum makes all that not matter not to mention how i'll always have a best friend and someone that i'll always been the world to :) She's now 5 and is in reception she abso loves school, she's like having a miniature teenage me around we are so alike its scary

My Youngest daughter...
Daisie was born on 15th July 2O11, she was diagnosed with CCAM lung when i was 21 weeks pregnant, she's doing really well as she only has a small case of it we will find out once she turns two whether she will need an operation to remove it (which really isn't far away my babies are growing up to quickly) she's as cheeky as ever and so much like her dad it's creepy he could have easily grew her in a tube out in his shed, I love both my girls so much and wouldn't change a thing about being a young mum :)

Now i can't go leaving out our 2 pets can I? 

Meet Cookie
Cookie never was originally our cat he adopted us when we moved to our new home back in 2O1O, he randomly kept coming in and sitting with me even if it was just on my feet he was always with me, everyone that came round kept saying 'cats like pregnant people' we was TTC Daisie at the time so i thought okay why not take a test and there it was a positive. He's been with us ever since :)

Meet Ziggy

My daughter Isabella-Rose has always loved my friends axolotls so when her one's had babies straight away she claimed one, he came to us when he was teeny he's now a porky little man we forever have been asking what the hell he is which makes me love him that so much more, i love everything weird :) 

                   If there is anything you would like to know please feel free to leave me a comment