Saturday, 13 April 2013

Review - LUSH sexbomb & Thinkpink bathbombs

I finally took the plunge and made my first purchase at LUSH on Wednesday (abit behind with the times i know) I purchased the sexbomb bath bomb for myself and a thinkpink & a ickle baby bot for my daughters (which i'll review further down this post) This was the perfect bathbomb to buy as a first i knew nothing about the bomb itself but loved how pretty it looked the smell is amazing, once the bomb has dissolved it leaves you with a lovely flower floating around your bath i attempted picking it up for another picture but broke it, i'll definitely be buying more and no doubt this one again 

sorry about the picture i didn't get many as the girls were excited about watching it fizz as was i as it was the first one we used

My daughter chose this one and was super excited when the guy working in LUSH told her about the heart confetti inside that will float in her bath the bomb dissolves, her and her sister loved using it in their bath now me on the other hand wasn't keen on it's scent it was quite strong but didn't smell to nice and the hearts didn't float which was quite disappointing maybe im just a big kid but i will be purchasing again for my little girls as they loved it. We are yet to use the ickle baby bot


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