Thursday, 18 April 2013

REVIEW - NYC smooch proof lip stain

excuse my bad picture taking

I purchased a NYC smooch proof 16Hr lip stain in Forever mine wine 499 from fragrance direct and it really is smooch proof, after 4 kisses of my hand i gave my partner a smooch  and  it didn't leave a mark at all, (so an automatic thumbs up from my partner & daughters they are forever walking around with big kiss marks on their cheeks) and my lips were still full of colour, The colour is absolutely amazing I LOVE it! The applicator is just like the nib on a marker which is really going to take some getting used to when applying.

I'm really struggling with applying it atm :( but will be hunting youtube for any tutorials to find out what people put on their lips before applying and how they apply it because the colour is amazing

Once i've nailed applying it i will update this post with close up's of how it looks on but for now i've added a picture of a swatch (which doesn't do it much justice, my lighting's crap in my room atm) + a picture i grabbed before wiping it off as it really bothered me how it showed up all the bits on my lips that looked like i've been biting the skin off my lips :( i'll grab a picture of this in the morning when the lighting is better in my room.

                         Thank you for reading :) any comments & suggestions welcome


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