Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Yeah i'm super lame and over the moon that my blog has reached just over 1,OOO views :D 
now to work on my blogging and reeling in some followers :)
thank you so much to all of you that take the time to view my blog & read my posts it really does mean alot, I'd love to hear from you guys to so never be afraid to leave me a comment even if it's just a quick Hi or advice on how i could improve (i know my punctuality and grammar would be a great start) 

If your a company and would like me to review a product or two of yours please do not hesitate in contacting me I'd be super interested 

Day two of volunteering

Today i spent my day out the back sorting out donations, labeling and steaming the clothes before they went out, I stayed until close today (5pm) even tho i was booked in for 9-3 as lame as it sounds it really is pretty fun :) My feet are completely blistered where I've been on my feet all day and chose to look good rather than comfort, Super chuffed with today's bargains it's amazing what gets thrown out as it's not suitable to go out on the shop floor too, Today i got 4 cushion covers FREE because they don't smell to fresh and need a wash, 3 candle holder 5Op and a gorgeous multi photo frame for the girls room for £1

 FREE cushion covers, £1 photo frame & 5Op for all 3 of the candle holders

I'm also amazed that although I'm a body piercer and the piercing thing on this label gun is pretty much the same yet i find this alot tougher than piercing peoples skin

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Crafty Mumma

Now i can be quite the crafty mumma when i put my mind to it, I LOVE to give things ago myself rather than pay a fortune to have someone else do it for me, I've seen the blinged up converse everywhere and always fancied a pair for my girls but Issy is a serial toe scuffer so they wouldn't last 5 minutes (she's on her 5th pair of school shoes since starting school, she wrecked her first pair on her first day at school) yes! she really is that bad when it comes to scuffing up shoes most of them ended up with flapping soles where they had been scuffed so badly on the toes, i'm dreading Daisie being the same anyway back to the point of this post, i was only meant to be replacing the laces to Daisie's converse with some ribbon but once i opened my crafty box i had the idea of using the minnie mouse heads that I've had for ages and was meant to make hair clips with and i had some left other pearls from when i decorated a phone case for myself awhile ago, so she ended up with some blinged up toes to her converse :) i had to order in some matching ribbon after i had done the toes it arrived and I'm not keen on it but it will do until i order in some white ribbon :) I'm yet to decorate Issy's pair for her

I could have ordered one of these in cheap enough but i could make it myself even cheaper ;) I love doing things myself for the girls it gives it abit more of a personal touch :) i plan on doing some with their names and adding some hooks so they can hang their dressing gowns on and bags etc, as well as some crown hair clip holders

I also made taggy blankets for them both when i was pregnant with Daisie and loads of headbands for Daisie but i hardly put them on her as i was terrified they'd be abit tight on her head and she couldn't exactly tell me they were hurting, I'd love to make them a patch work quilt each when i get the chance and get abit more clued up on working my sewing machine :) I've made myself a few pairs of earrings (not that i wear them but still i get to say i made them)

Do you get abit crafty in your spare time?

Birthday planning like a crazy mumma

So my not so little baby turns 2 on the 15th July :'(
so now's the time i start going even more planning crazy I'm always planning way ahead but always end up flapping round like a headless chicken :/
her birthday plans have become a whole weekend of fun
with her big sister being at school on her birthday we couldn't do her day out on her actual birthday as Issy would miss out so shes ended up with a weekend of birthday stuff :)
on the Saturday if all goes to plan we'll be taking the girls to london aquarium/zoo we'll see closer to the time what the weather is like i'd love to do both but i doubt we could afford both and fit them in on the same day 
then on the Sunday she' having a little peppa pig themed tea party with all her cousins :) 
then Monday its her BIG day which will have a very special visitor
PEPPA PIG is going to be delivering one of her presents :D

do you have a little ones birthday coming up? 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

AVON colourtrend liquid foundation in Ivory Beige

I grabbed this while it was on offer in an Avon catalogue a friend had dropped into me, I was pretty chuffed with it colour was a near on perfect match went on smoothly although it felt quite heavy compared to the body shop foundation i was using before i gave this one ago, so all was going well UNTIL my eyes were watering on the way home from the school run and i got into my mums looked in the mirror to check my mascara hadn't run everywhere to be greeted with white streaks down my face and neck now i can imagine your thinking the shade is actually abit dark and my skin colour was showing through but no it was as if i'd had talc on under my eyes and that had run down my face :/ when it gets wet be it watery eyes or run it turns into a white mixture which does not look great running down your face and neck. I have this eye problem often so almost everytime i wear this i end up with white marks down my face before the day is over :(

not the best photos to show you what i mean but i was at my mums after the school run when grabbing this photo

have you had a bad experience with any of the Avon colourtrend products?

Saturday, 25 May 2013

My new babies arrived

My new babies arrived and as i expected the watch needs adjusting so i can't wear it yet :( unless i wear it half way up my arm damn having such child like wrists, The earrings are just amazing but when they arrived i remembered i only have one ear lobe pierced now :/ they look so gorgeous on i can't wait to wear them :)  thank god I'm a body piercer so I'll be putting a needle through to sort that problem :)

 Every time Issy see's a cross she will tell me Jesus died on one of those but today when she saw the earrings she said father James died on one  (he's the priest at our local church where she sometimes goes to Sunday school, she called him Jesus the other week to her little sister) she will get them round the right way soon bles her  :') kinda creeps me out having my 5 year old talking about things like that but what can i expect when she goes to a catholic school?

Have you had any new goodies arrive?

Rimmel colour show off lipstick in 050 HAVE FUN

Finally used my Rimmel colour show off lipstick in shade 050 HAVE FUN, when it arrived it wasn't anything like the colour in the picture on the fragrance direct website and i wasn't sure if I'd ever use it but i love it!
I put it on before putting anything on to give my lips some moisture so they were a little rough but after putting this on they felt really soft and as if i had put something on previous to putting this on. I got this from fragrance direct for £1.99 it's RRP is £6.29 I'll definitely be buying more shades in  :)

please excuse my lighting it really isn't great so doesn't do the lipstick justice, it doesn't help the photos are taken on an iphone :/ i will grab another one in better lighting when i get round to putting my face on soon :)

Day one of volunteering in my local marie curie charity shop

So yesterday was my first day of volunteering at my local marie curie charity shop, i'm so glad i decided to pop in and ask about volunteering on my first day i learnt how to work the till and was on  the shop floor, aswell as labeling & steaming the clothes before they went out :) I'm chuffed i managed a whole day without freaking out it really doesn't seem alot to most people but for me this was a HUGE step, I'm back there again on weds, i also managed to pick up some amazing bit, next steps are to enroll on a GCSE course and once i'm fully trained for shop work I'll be searching even harder for some retail work :) 

 Skirt £1
 Lush set £4
The skirt i'm really unsure of atm but andy had a great idea of pulling it up as a dress wack a belt round it and it looks amazing as a summer dress :) but im not going to complain when it cost me £1, i was talking away about how my girls love their lush bath bombs because they change the colour of the water and the shop owner said they had some lush stuff in and at £4 for the whole box no way was i leaving it behind i thought the body conditioner may not be any good but it's still in date until 31/O9/13 :D I also got the girls some matching shoes,aswell as a little purse & some  bath confetti and Andy a dinosaur onsie which is huge but sooo comfy

I'm wondering why on earth i didn't pop in and browse charity shops before? i buy on eBay so whats the difference

have you had any bargain buys lately?

Thursday, 23 May 2013

A bra that actually does what it promises

I saw an offer on some bras in ASDA being 2 for £6 on the two sizes bigger bras and OH MY!!! best thing i ever did was buy these bras, I'll be going back for more as soon as i can they really do make you look two sizes bigger than you are, before having my girls i had nice bouncy DD boobs but since having my girls I've been a B/C
I'm forever going from i love how they are to I'd love to have my big boobs back and now i can have my boobs back just by putting on one of these babies! they come in such gorgeous designs even at full price they are only £6 i bought an Ann summers one before at £2O something pounds but the fit was just horrid so it went straight back. I highly recommend these bras to anyone wanted bigger boobs but not the high price of cosmetic surgery they really are wonderful :)

if anyone would like to see pictures of them one please do contact me and i'll add one including how i look in a standard bra compared to these ones

Rhubarb & custard bathb bomb

I used my last bath bomb the other week being the rhubarb & custard bath bomb from the soapy cauldron order i made, i had a cold with a really stuffy nose but the smell of this bath bomb still managed to make its way through :) my partner came up shortly after I'd jumped in the bath and asked was i not going to use a bath bomb in my bath and had i weed in my bath :/ the bath bomb had turned the bath water a yellowy colour which did look as if i had done a wee in my bath

Over all opinion on soapy cauldron
although the bath bombs don't change the colour of the water like LUSH bath bombs too which i love but thats me being a big kid!! the smell of the bath bombs i ordered were amazing so I'd make an order again at some point :)

do you have a fave bathbomb?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Time to kick anxeity's butt!

So I've suffered from really bad anxiety for quite awhile now, i finally went to the doctor early this year and she put me on 1Omg of citalopram which has helped loads with actually leaving the house without having to get back ASAP or having a panic attack before I've even left, although i still need at least 12-24 hours to be told of plans or i find it really hard to leave the house and do them if they are sprung on me, anyway for months now I've been wanting to volunteer somewhere like a charity shop to help my confidence and get myself some retail experience as I'd really love to work in retail but have no experience or qualifications (which I'm also working on getting) other than a diploma in body piercing & being a Ann summers party rep for a short while so not a lot going for me when it comes to applying for retail jobs.

I'll be starting on Friday at 1O I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to get started but at the same time i may need to grab some tena lady's as I'm crapping myself but feeling pretty confident (atm which can all change in a few days)

Monday, 20 May 2013

Is this really happening already?

 So not only is my Daisie doo's turning two in July, I also have a next steps meeting at Issy's school on Thursday because she will be going up to year 1 in September!!! It's crazy how quick it's all gone, although Issy didn't seem to grow up as quick as Daisie has this has all come round so quick, it only seems like a few months ago i was at the meeting getting all the booklets and ordering her school uniform for when she started in reception. she's turning into a little lady now, she has her own opinion when it comes to how she would like her hair,what shoes and clothes she will wear and not wear, she's like a mini teenager already we bicker like teenage sisters. Both my girls really aren't babies anymore

Mothercare Jive stroller

So we have a quinny zapp but Daisie has now got to the stage were she likes to climb in and out of her buggy, with the quinny zapp not being that close to the ground and not having a big foot rest i'd have a heart attack every time I'd catch her climbing in, So i wanted a stroller that she would be able to get in and out of without any problems and not give me a heart attack doing so, i didn't want to pay a crazy amount so i hunted eBay i found the daisy mothercare Jive which i fell in love with because the pattern and it being daisy's like my little lady, then i noticed mothercare had an offer on if you bought the buggy and the accessory pack together you save £15 so it was cheaper for me to go new rather then second hand & courier fees, so i ordered as soon as i could afford to :) i love it BUT I've used it for about a weeks worth (i don't bring Daisie out with me on every school run) and the outer back wheel i wearing away and slanting already :/ needless to say with the light use it's had im not a happy bunny, I see Jives often with really worn down wheels but i guessed that was after at least a year of use with it being a main buggy not a weeks worth, i could hear the difference in the wheel within day 3 but now there is a noticeable size difference between the outer wheel and the inner & front wheels :( pretty gutted tbh but if it goes to that horrible slanted shape they go within a month i will be having a moan

Sunday, 19 May 2013

I swear someone has put Daisie on fast forward :(

I'm sure Daisie's been put on fast forward :( she really didn't stay my 6lb 4.O5oz baby for very long!
as soon as she was 2 months old she was ahead in sizes where as her big sister always has been behind a size, I don't remember Issy growing up as quickly as she has :( Daisie's turning 2 on the 15th July but already looks about 3 half the time, she looks huge in her stroller so I'm on guard for the stares and whispers of 'what she still doing in a buggy' that people love to come out with. It really doesn't seem that long ago i was preparing for her to arrive, she was babbling away,still on bottles only and bum shuffling all around the place, now she doesn't have much growing height wise to be near enough as tall as her sister (who's 5) she's running around, can have conversations with you, has her very own personality and all sorts where have my babies gone :( 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Part of my May wishlist

Part of my May wishlist

1. Topshop lipstick in Whimsical £8
2. River Island Gold tone skull face watch £25
3. Topshop Joni jeans £36
4. JuJu jellies £20
5. Ebay £9.69
6. Ebay Flatform ankle boots £19.99

Melon head bathbomb


I used my melon head bathbomb today and oh my! The smell was just amazing and lasted ages, I expected it to change the colour of my bath water just a little bit but it didn't :( but that's me being a big kid, I'd definitely buy this bath bomb again for its smell 

Do you have a favourite bathbomb company or recommend i try certain bathbomb? 
I'd love to hear from you :)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stress Less bath bomb by soapy cauldron

So i used my stress less bath bomb by soapy cauldron and teamed it with a destress face mask from superdrug, The smell was pretty strong my partner came up and mentioned how strong it was, although strong it wasn't to over bearing.While in the bath i didn't feel overally relaxed mainly because i had little miss bear crying and jumping up the side of my bath until she eventually got in and swam around it -_- lol!!
after cleaning my face mask off and jumping out of the bath and getting ready for bed 
i came across the random petal but what else can you expect from a bathbomb full of petals?
the minute i sat down on my bed i was relaxed and just ready for bed, i had planned to browse ebay for a little bit but that went out the window and i nodded off almost instantly
so it really did relax me :)
although i wonder alot of the time is it because the label said so 
only problem for me was getting rid of the petals after my bath but again what else can you expect from a bathbomb full of petals. 

Do you have a favourite bathbomb company or recommend i try certain bathbomb? 
I'd love to hear from you :)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Finally got myself some Yankee Candles

After seeing Yankee candles everywhere on instagram i had to see what all the hype was about, i saw one in my neighbours house which was chocolate bunnies and she let me lend it. I was amazed at how my whole house was over taken by the smell of melting chocolate so couldn't wait to order my self some wax tarts & samplers (because I'm a tight bum when it comes to buying stuff for myself) I finally grabbed aload of samplers and wax tarts from ebay and as soon as i opened the box my nose was over taken by amazing smells! I'm yet to light any of them im torn which one to light first but i'm already addicted and wanting to buy some more :)

On  the same day my order arrived my friend popped round and surprised me with a big one as they had them in where she worked and she gets a discount so she grabbed me one after me talking about them loads when she comes over :) I'm such a lucky girl to have such amazing friends

Do you have a favourite Yankee scent?

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Soapy Cauldron Order

As i mentioned before me and my daughters have become obsessed with bath bombs, so i hunted all over the net for loads of different bath bomb companies to try and i done an order with the soapy cauldron. I received my order the other day and each one smells amazing i can't wait to jump in the bath and try one (although I'm torn on what one to try first)

What i purchased: 
  1. Cherry Bakewell 12Og handmade bath bomb - £2.09
  2. Baby Powder bath bomb with sweet almond oil 6Og £1.19
  3. Stress-Less essential oil 12Og botanic bath bome £2.25
  4. Candy Dragin 12Og SLS-free bath bom - American bubblegum £2.09
  5. Rhubarb and custard 12Og bath bomb  £2.09
  6. MelonHead watermelon handmade bath bomb 12Og £2.09

    My order total was £11.80 then a delivery charge of £1.99 so all in all my order cost me £13.79

    I didn't know these guys where moving premises and into a new workshop so when i did find out i expected my delivery to take away but it really didn't take that long to arrive at all, they make a whole lot more than just bath bombs and are definitely worth checking out -

    I can add a photo of each bathbomb seperate if anyone would like me to please let me know, or there is the website to check them out on :)

    Thank you for reading and thank you to all my followers so far :) 
    ANY comments and suggestions are welcome, I'd love to hear from you 

A mums best friend

So the suns starting to show it's face which only means the freezer becomes full of ice lollies & ice cream, not to mention the ice cream van doing it's rounds and there's nothing worse than your little ones ending up all sticky where their ice creams/ice lollies have dripped everywhere!
So when i saw this 'dripstick' in my local poundland i had to grab it.

it's got to be the best invention ever, you put ice lollies in one end and the other end is where you'd put an ice cream cone and the little dish catches any drips, i tested it the other day with my youngest daughter and it worked wonders!!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Meet Bear :)

Say Hi to my little bear :)
she's a 9 week chihuahua pup 
I've never had an interest in having a small dog or a dog at this moment in time tbh 
when i visit people that have dogs i'm not a fan of having them all over me, i've always been an animal lover but not so cuddly with them for the past few years
until i had a cuddle with the owners of the new nail shop in my area
i fell in love with the colours of one of theirs and when i went to see bear she was almost the exact same colour
 (i can't seem to get a picture of her true colour, shes a greyish/light mocha sort of colour)
 she snuggled and went to sleep on me & made daisie giggle like crazy so i automatically fell in love
 i only went to visit my aunties pups but she came home with me that night
shes my little shadow everywhere i go she won't be far behind 
shes such a snuggly little pup, my girls adore her and shes so good with them :)