Thursday, 23 May 2013

A bra that actually does what it promises

I saw an offer on some bras in ASDA being 2 for £6 on the two sizes bigger bras and OH MY!!! best thing i ever did was buy these bras, I'll be going back for more as soon as i can they really do make you look two sizes bigger than you are, before having my girls i had nice bouncy DD boobs but since having my girls I've been a B/C
I'm forever going from i love how they are to I'd love to have my big boobs back and now i can have my boobs back just by putting on one of these babies! they come in such gorgeous designs even at full price they are only £6 i bought an Ann summers one before at £2O something pounds but the fit was just horrid so it went straight back. I highly recommend these bras to anyone wanted bigger boobs but not the high price of cosmetic surgery they really are wonderful :)

if anyone would like to see pictures of them one please do contact me and i'll add one including how i look in a standard bra compared to these ones


  1. Ive got these! I absolutely love them! Xx

    1. Best bras ever with such an amazing price to go with them :) my faves out of my collection ❤