Sunday, 26 May 2013

AVON colourtrend liquid foundation in Ivory Beige

I grabbed this while it was on offer in an Avon catalogue a friend had dropped into me, I was pretty chuffed with it colour was a near on perfect match went on smoothly although it felt quite heavy compared to the body shop foundation i was using before i gave this one ago, so all was going well UNTIL my eyes were watering on the way home from the school run and i got into my mums looked in the mirror to check my mascara hadn't run everywhere to be greeted with white streaks down my face and neck now i can imagine your thinking the shade is actually abit dark and my skin colour was showing through but no it was as if i'd had talc on under my eyes and that had run down my face :/ when it gets wet be it watery eyes or run it turns into a white mixture which does not look great running down your face and neck. I have this eye problem often so almost everytime i wear this i end up with white marks down my face before the day is over :(

not the best photos to show you what i mean but i was at my mums after the school run when grabbing this photo

have you had a bad experience with any of the Avon colourtrend products?


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