Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Crafty Mumma

Now i can be quite the crafty mumma when i put my mind to it, I LOVE to give things ago myself rather than pay a fortune to have someone else do it for me, I've seen the blinged up converse everywhere and always fancied a pair for my girls but Issy is a serial toe scuffer so they wouldn't last 5 minutes (she's on her 5th pair of school shoes since starting school, she wrecked her first pair on her first day at school) yes! she really is that bad when it comes to scuffing up shoes most of them ended up with flapping soles where they had been scuffed so badly on the toes, i'm dreading Daisie being the same anyway back to the point of this post, i was only meant to be replacing the laces to Daisie's converse with some ribbon but once i opened my crafty box i had the idea of using the minnie mouse heads that I've had for ages and was meant to make hair clips with and i had some left other pearls from when i decorated a phone case for myself awhile ago, so she ended up with some blinged up toes to her converse :) i had to order in some matching ribbon after i had done the toes it arrived and I'm not keen on it but it will do until i order in some white ribbon :) I'm yet to decorate Issy's pair for her

I could have ordered one of these in cheap enough but i could make it myself even cheaper ;) I love doing things myself for the girls it gives it abit more of a personal touch :) i plan on doing some with their names and adding some hooks so they can hang their dressing gowns on and bags etc, as well as some crown hair clip holders

I also made taggy blankets for them both when i was pregnant with Daisie and loads of headbands for Daisie but i hardly put them on her as i was terrified they'd be abit tight on her head and she couldn't exactly tell me they were hurting, I'd love to make them a patch work quilt each when i get the chance and get abit more clued up on working my sewing machine :) I've made myself a few pairs of earrings (not that i wear them but still i get to say i made them)

Do you get abit crafty in your spare time?


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