Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Day two of volunteering

Today i spent my day out the back sorting out donations, labeling and steaming the clothes before they went out, I stayed until close today (5pm) even tho i was booked in for 9-3 as lame as it sounds it really is pretty fun :) My feet are completely blistered where I've been on my feet all day and chose to look good rather than comfort, Super chuffed with today's bargains it's amazing what gets thrown out as it's not suitable to go out on the shop floor too, Today i got 4 cushion covers FREE because they don't smell to fresh and need a wash, 3 candle holder 5Op and a gorgeous multi photo frame for the girls room for £1

 FREE cushion covers, £1 photo frame & 5Op for all 3 of the candle holders

I'm also amazed that although I'm a body piercer and the piercing thing on this label gun is pretty much the same yet i find this alot tougher than piercing peoples skin


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