Sunday, 19 May 2013

I swear someone has put Daisie on fast forward :(

I'm sure Daisie's been put on fast forward :( she really didn't stay my 6lb 4.O5oz baby for very long!
as soon as she was 2 months old she was ahead in sizes where as her big sister always has been behind a size, I don't remember Issy growing up as quickly as she has :( Daisie's turning 2 on the 15th July but already looks about 3 half the time, she looks huge in her stroller so I'm on guard for the stares and whispers of 'what she still doing in a buggy' that people love to come out with. It really doesn't seem that long ago i was preparing for her to arrive, she was babbling away,still on bottles only and bum shuffling all around the place, now she doesn't have much growing height wise to be near enough as tall as her sister (who's 5) she's running around, can have conversations with you, has her very own personality and all sorts where have my babies gone :( 


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I have the same problem with Logan as well. He looks huge in his buggy. Depending on what he's wearing sometimes it's a struggle to get the straps in as well. =( x x x

    1. We have the quinny zapp but i wanted one she could climb in and out of without giving me a heart attack and we got a mothercare jive and she just looks huge in it, i don't remember Issy growing up this quick :(