Friday, 3 May 2013

Meet Bear :)

Say Hi to my little bear :)
she's a 9 week chihuahua pup 
I've never had an interest in having a small dog or a dog at this moment in time tbh 
when i visit people that have dogs i'm not a fan of having them all over me, i've always been an animal lover but not so cuddly with them for the past few years
until i had a cuddle with the owners of the new nail shop in my area
i fell in love with the colours of one of theirs and when i went to see bear she was almost the exact same colour
 (i can't seem to get a picture of her true colour, shes a greyish/light mocha sort of colour)
 she snuggled and went to sleep on me & made daisie giggle like crazy so i automatically fell in love
 i only went to visit my aunties pups but she came home with me that night
shes my little shadow everywhere i go she won't be far behind 
shes such a snuggly little pup, my girls adore her and shes so good with them :)



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