Monday, 20 May 2013

Mothercare Jive stroller

So we have a quinny zapp but Daisie has now got to the stage were she likes to climb in and out of her buggy, with the quinny zapp not being that close to the ground and not having a big foot rest i'd have a heart attack every time I'd catch her climbing in, So i wanted a stroller that she would be able to get in and out of without any problems and not give me a heart attack doing so, i didn't want to pay a crazy amount so i hunted eBay i found the daisy mothercare Jive which i fell in love with because the pattern and it being daisy's like my little lady, then i noticed mothercare had an offer on if you bought the buggy and the accessory pack together you save £15 so it was cheaper for me to go new rather then second hand & courier fees, so i ordered as soon as i could afford to :) i love it BUT I've used it for about a weeks worth (i don't bring Daisie out with me on every school run) and the outer back wheel i wearing away and slanting already :/ needless to say with the light use it's had im not a happy bunny, I see Jives often with really worn down wheels but i guessed that was after at least a year of use with it being a main buggy not a weeks worth, i could hear the difference in the wheel within day 3 but now there is a noticeable size difference between the outer wheel and the inner & front wheels :( pretty gutted tbh but if it goes to that horrible slanted shape they go within a month i will be having a moan


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