Saturday, 25 May 2013

My new babies arrived

My new babies arrived and as i expected the watch needs adjusting so i can't wear it yet :( unless i wear it half way up my arm damn having such child like wrists, The earrings are just amazing but when they arrived i remembered i only have one ear lobe pierced now :/ they look so gorgeous on i can't wait to wear them :)  thank god I'm a body piercer so I'll be putting a needle through to sort that problem :)

 Every time Issy see's a cross she will tell me Jesus died on one of those but today when she saw the earrings she said father James died on one  (he's the priest at our local church where she sometimes goes to Sunday school, she called him Jesus the other week to her little sister) she will get them round the right way soon bles her  :') kinda creeps me out having my 5 year old talking about things like that but what can i expect when she goes to a catholic school?

Have you had any new goodies arrive?


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