Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rhubarb & custard bathb bomb

I used my last bath bomb the other week being the rhubarb & custard bath bomb from the soapy cauldron order i made, i had a cold with a really stuffy nose but the smell of this bath bomb still managed to make its way through :) my partner came up shortly after I'd jumped in the bath and asked was i not going to use a bath bomb in my bath and had i weed in my bath :/ the bath bomb had turned the bath water a yellowy colour which did look as if i had done a wee in my bath

Over all opinion on soapy cauldron
although the bath bombs don't change the colour of the water like LUSH bath bombs too which i love but thats me being a big kid!! the smell of the bath bombs i ordered were amazing so I'd make an order again at some point :)

do you have a fave bathbomb?


  1. I like the Twilight bath bomb from Lush. My favourite thing though, is the creamy candy bubble bar. It smells amazing! x x x

    1. I really want to try twilight its on my next to buy list, it looks amazing :) I'm really intrigued in the bubble bars so I'll be grabbing one of those too, Issy loves her bath bombs she asks for one every time she has a bath so the girls get one each when I buy myself one :) x