Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stress Less bath bomb by soapy cauldron

So i used my stress less bath bomb by soapy cauldron and teamed it with a destress face mask from superdrug, The smell was pretty strong my partner came up and mentioned how strong it was, although strong it wasn't to over bearing.While in the bath i didn't feel overally relaxed mainly because i had little miss bear crying and jumping up the side of my bath until she eventually got in and swam around it -_- lol!!
after cleaning my face mask off and jumping out of the bath and getting ready for bed 
i came across the random petal but what else can you expect from a bathbomb full of petals?
the minute i sat down on my bed i was relaxed and just ready for bed, i had planned to browse ebay for a little bit but that went out the window and i nodded off almost instantly
so it really did relax me :)
although i wonder alot of the time is it because the label said so 
only problem for me was getting rid of the petals after my bath but again what else can you expect from a bathbomb full of petals. 

Do you have a favourite bathbomb company or recommend i try certain bathbomb? 
I'd love to hear from you :)


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