Saturday, 29 June 2013

5 facts about my pregnancies

I saw a few of these on my instagram feed, I so shouldn't have took part broody is not the word!!!
but I thought it would be fun to post them here too :)

5 facts about my pregnancy with Issy!

1- she was a week late
2- I was sick twice in my pregnancy once all over the little room where I had my blood taken bright purple from my ribena and toast that morning lol & again when in labour
3- I was calling her Trinity right up until my sexing scan then I suddenly hated it once I found out she was a girl
4- My labour was 7 hours & 36 minutes
5- She weighed 7lbs 11.O5oz

5 facts about my pregnancy with Daisie!

1- I was induced when I was what the hospital thought was 38 weeks but once she was born they realized that my dates were infact right which I argued through out my pregnancy and I was actually 42 weeks & 6 days
2- Daisie was diagnosed with CCAM at my 21 week scan
3- I was sick twice in this pregnancy too, once after a chinese (noodles are not easy to bring back up!) and i was retching while giving birth (again not easy holding a bowl & retching and squeezing my mums arm while pushing too) I was eventually sick all over the toilet floor on my ward after I'd had Daisie and she was taken to the special baby unit, so much for the anti sickness injection i had
4- My labour was 1 hour & 42 minutes
5- She weighed 6lbs 4.O5oz

Friday, 28 June 2013

Oh I do love a sale

Today I've received email after email about sales not to mention the Asda sale I had a quick splurge on this morning, As it's really rude not to buy such bargains I just had to buy some stuff for the girls in the F&F sale as well as asda :) I went back up to asda before picking Issy up from cheerleading club as I had found my card, the plan was to hover around asda as I was a little early for her to be collected then go grab her and go back up for a food shop but all that went out the window when i spotted loads of hair stuff in the sale and some shoes in Issy's size.

In asda I got -
Matching sandals for the girls - £4 each
Matching dresses -  £4 each
Onesies that i've put away for Christmas -£6 each
Hello kitty shoes - £4
Polka dot shoes for Daisie - £3
Daddy top for Daisie - £1
Peace top for Issy - £4
Dorothy fancy dress outfit - £5
Daisy headband - £1.25
3 packs of hairbands in different colours - 75p each
Polka dot flower hair clips - £1.25
3D bow hair band pack - £1
Flower hair clips - £1.25
3D butterfly hairbands - £1.25
& I got myself some shoes for £5

In the F&F sale I got -
Matching camo leggings - £2 & £2.5O
Matching animal toe socks pk of 5- £2.5O each
Peppa pig jellies - £3
Peppa tunic - £4
Peppa t-shirt - £4
HK jumper - £5.5O
Flower straw bag - £2
Bunny ankle socks pk of 5 - £2.5O

Have you got any bargains in all the sales recently?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

How do you manage christmas?

I know I know I'm really early with this post and I've probably depressed you all or set you in a panic with how long we actually have left until Christmas but do you have any plans on how to make Christmas shopping easier? Every year I plan to start shopping in January but I never do so from now I plan on buying a present a week to help get a collection together before Christmas so i can go crazy closer to Christmas without spending so much in one go, I also plan on starting one of the Christmas saving cards in asda to buy all my Christmas dinner stuff in with, We have an early Christmas and Andy's mums as she works an awful lot.

Monday, 24 June 2013

School shoes....

Are school shoes jut not made to last anymore? or should me little girl have been a boy? is my little girl the only one to go through so many shoes in her first year of school? her school years are going to cost me a fortune, I really do need to stock up :( shes just gone through her 4/5th pair since starting school. The cheapest pair of school shoes I can find local to me is asda for £1O don't get me wrong I don't mind spending that but it's a lot to spend out on when they will last her around a month or two max, I'm having a good look around and will be stocking up on some spares. Can anyone recommend any well priced school shoes? I'm going to go with a chunkier sole to see if that helps in anyway 

First day of school, thee got to a point where i could poke my finger right through the hole while waiting for her new school shoes to arrive

shoes number 2

shoes number 3 

and finally shoes number 4

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shopcade wish list + compitition with etailPR

Shopcade has easily become my new addiction, I've spent hours on there adding things to my want list and earned loads of points while I was there :) what are the points all about? whenever you pin and item to one of your lists you earn points, you can also earn points when you invite friends to shopcade and they join up, once you have enough points you can exchange them for vouchers, Shopcade also alerts you when your favourtie items have money off deals going on. We all know saving money is always handy :) 
Check shopcade out for yourself here!

etailPR are currently holding a competition to check it out for yourself and to be in with a chance of winning a £2OO ASOS voucher and a £2OO voucher for a retailer on Shopcade, Click here

L'OREAL paris FeRia Hair dye

Where do I start? My partner bought me this hair dye by accident when he was buying my XXL live dyes to get my purple back, this box of dye has sat around since that day as I only needed the one XXL purple to get the colour I wanted YAYYY!! So this one wasn't needed, We had a wedding to attend yesterday and I planned to wear my hair down my roots had got pretty bad so I thought I'd re do them and use this dye (stupid I know) Thank god we done all over and not just the roots because it come out the WRONG colour :( I am not amused at all it came out the colour the hairdressers gave me when I parted with £45 then fixed it myself and got the colour i wanted :'( so know i'm going to have to kill my hair some more getting my purple back!! This is why i haven't used box dyes in years after buying a brown and it coming out jet black.

this is the colour I've ended up with...

I am under that fringe somewhere lol

This is what i had before...
You can't really see much different in the bottom picture of me and Andy but the top picture of me and my girls is how reddish it is :'(

Friday, 21 June 2013

WIN a bundle of hair, beauty and fashion goodies with etailPR!

etailPR has launched a new Facebook competition, putting together a number of amazing goodies into one bundle worth over £250!

In this wonderful bundle you get -
  • 1x Yogi 3 in 1 Hair Curling wand
  • 1x £50 voucher for Linzi Shoes
  • Dr Organic bundle: Body oil, hair treatment serum, hand & nail cream and more
  • Macadamia Natural Oil gift set: Healing oil treatment, rejuvenating shampoo, deep repair masque and oil infused comb
  • Elemis 10th anniversary Pro-Collagen Marine Cream - 100ml worth £99!
Click here  to enter and be in with a chance of winning :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

My recent chairty shop bargains

I'm a few days late on posting this as i had to return a few things as i was to porky to fit in them :( so the post seemed abit pointless with 1 or 2 things in, so here we go my recent charity shop bargains

 Pillow £3.OO
 Can't remember what i paid for this think it was something like £2.5O
 M&S blazer £2.5O
Oasis blazer £3.OO 
 Bow blouse £2.5O
Top for daisie from M&S 8Op

I also got Daisie some books 4Op each :) the perks of being a volunteer is half of this didn't make it onto the shop before because i had grabbed it. If you don't already pop into a charity shop there really is some hidden gems in those places :)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

She's got a lip ring and 5 colours in her hair

In this post i thought I'd post about the many hair colours I've had, if you have any questions on how I achieved the colours please don't hesitate to leave me a comment :) These are in no particular order of when I had them I've had so many I couldn't tell you which order I had them in but here we go.....

The first ever bright hair colour i had, i am under that fringe somewhere :')

My rainbow which my friend done in her hairdressing competition, other people who had little tiny strips of rainbow where amazed that i was actually leaving my hair these colours.  As you can see from the pictures one side was pastels the other bright :)

After i bleached my hair so many times it was time to cut it all off as all the ends were completely dead and straw like :'(  So the only way to restore some health into my hair was to have a bob! One of the undercuts grew bigger and bigger until i ended up shaving the side of my head.

^ One of my fave colours that I've been Turquoise
Whatever shall i do with my left over colours when all my colour has come out and I'm left with blonde? Of course lets mix it up abit

I had these hair colours for about a week before my hairdresser friend came round and went crazy at me for putting black in my hair and she started to bleach it back out again, the brown didn't look very brown either tbh everyone was saying i reminded them of cadburys chocolate and that wasn't my aim.

I've had many more hair colours but if i post anymore pictures this pot could end up a page or two long. 

Do you change your hair colours often? 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wonderful Dads!

In case you didn't manage to see on facebook,twitter,all over the shops etc today's fathers day!
There shouldn't be just a single day to let our dads know how special they are but today gives them a day to relax and be spoilt!! I know everyone says their dads are the worlds best dads so i'm not going to be any different because he really is a wonderful man, Although me and my dad might not have that really close bond to be seen by everyone that we used to have it will always be there. We went to visit him today and he was out in the garden doing some gardening while i was having a natter with my mum then we went to peek at where the girls had wandered off to after hearing 'we are going to find gangan' We found them watching my dad doing bits in the garden and the girls were holding hands keeping each other safe as the pond was near by :') was the cutest thing ever! personal reasons ripped away the closeness me and my girls were entitled to have with my dad for the world to see :( i won't be discussing what that reason was as it's really personal. While having a wander around the garden where i grew up as a little girl the memories were flooding back from how i once had a HUGE trampoline that took up way to much of the garden,how I'd sit in my mums summer house, how I'd wander into my dads GIGANTIC shed to find him painting his figures and a whole lot more, The gigantic shed and the summer house look so small now I'm all grown up but the memories are still spilling out of them :) I may not visit or talk to my dad everyday but i love him dearly and will always fight his corner to the death no one says a bad word about my dad other than my mum not that she does tho, I really should start visiting every day. I'm a lucky girl to have such a wonderful dad thats supported me through everything although he isn't a fan of my alternative look he's never told me to change/stop and is always printing off my modeling pictures to show his friends and having one as his phone screen saver if it's not the girls :') I love my dad!!!

As I've mentioned in previous posts Andy isn't Issy's biological dad, He's bought her up since she was 1 and a half when her dad decided it would be best he stopped seeing her, he has been there since then doing all he can for her, She can be a right little madam but he's still here taking the tantrums that can turn violent,the attitude,her bad days,sitting with her until stupid o'clock because she's ill,bought her first school uniform,making sure shes well fed & clothed, he's funded all of her birthdays since her 2nd birthday and i tend to go over board with birthday doo's but he's not once complained but done all that he can to fund her special day even down to selling his phone and parts of his beloved bike (which always came first no matter what before he became a family man) We are all such lucky girls to have this amazing man in our lives and be able to call him dad & fiance! There is no way i could ever repay him for what he has done for us girls, he' helped me raise two beautiful little girls the best we can there's been many times were I've turned into psycho woman and Issy has been a total nightmare to deal with, i wouldn't have blamed him for walking away but he never has but has always been there with a cuddle and kiss for us both :)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Bye bye GFC :(

 I know i know... I've blogged way to much today but i really wanted to post this before i went forgetting and it was to late to do a post about it because it was already gone!

 If you've not already heard Google reader/GFC will be no more as of July 1st :( which means the little box on the right >>> showing my 12 lovely followers will no longer be there :'(

So if GFC/Google reader is your main way of following blogs and you haven't already checked out  Bloglovin, it's free quick and easy to sign up to, I'm still finding my way around it but its brilliant to keep up with blogs i'm following i get daily emails of recent posts from the blogs i follow :) (you can set it to more if you wish to)

you can follow me on bloglovin here

do you have other ways of keeping up with your favourtie blogs?
would love to see other options :) 

5 facts on each of my girls

5 facts about Issy

1- She has a double crown meaning no matter what i do with her hair it doesn't sit right
2- Her favourite colour is blue
3- Her big name as she calls it is Isabella-Rose but everyone calls her Izzy/Issy
4- She adores her nanny more than anything in the world, every day when i collect her from school she asks to go to her nannys :')
5- She's such a tomboy but she's slowly becoming quite girly

5 facts about Daisie

1- She has a lung disorder called CCAM you can find more info on it here - CCAM
2- She loves peppa pig & minnie mouse so much that it's requested before i've even had the chance to adjust to waking up
3- She's so strong its scary
4- She's mad on shoes, she's forever bringing me shoes or saying shoes and pretty (just like mummy)
5- She's already in clothing size 2-3 she's not 2 until 15th July, she's been up in sizes ever since she turned 3 months.

Both my girls are named after their great nans

So gelish really isn't for me

Freshly done

Just over a week old ^

Just after ripping a few of my acrylics off i ripped one a little to low down which meant i couldn't just go in for a infill or a take off and a fresh set :(
so i opted for gelish to help my nail repair from the rips and so i could still get things done as i can't stand the grated ruff feel of my nails once acrylics come off.
Anyway to the point I've had gelish for just over a week and my thumb one has chipped, first my index started lifting and peeled off, next was my middle finger 
a few others are lifting off too :(
i guess I'm just to rough/heavy handed for gelish and it's acrylics all the way for me

did you get on with gelish?

My recent Ebay bargain buys!

As you all know every woman loves a good bargain, so i thought i'd do a post on my most recent ebay buys i'll be doing a chairty shop bargains post to follow this too :)

Cat ear hat -£1.92 FREE delivery 
Frilly socks £1.61 each FREE delivery
Cross bracelet £1.49 FREE delivery 
all from a ebay shop in china
^ £1O.O7 & £5.5O delivery from River Island, I've seen this bag a few times and each time i fell in love even more so i'm over the moon with this bargain

 ^ 5Op & £2.75 delivery from primark
^ £1.O4 & £3.1O delivery from H&M
^ £3.7O & £3.7O delivery from River Island jut like disco pants i'm really unsure on them so may be selling soon
^ 99p & £2.99 delivery This arrived and it was teeny so the girls now have a new bag i can't be dealing with small bags, it's huge bag all the way for me

I have a few more but i'll stop spamming you now :)

Would you like to see a bargain buys post of stuff i get for my girls? I would love to hear from you :) 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

It arrived!!!!

As i mentioned a few days ago i won 1OO followers giveaway, Today my items arrived :) i soo can't wait to try them all out, I've seen twilight everywhere on instagram and aimed to buy it ASAP and now i have it :D Daisie has already dived in and chose what one she would like, Issy will be all over it begging me to run her a bath so she can use one :') every time it comes to bath time i get the same question did you buy any bathbombs?? these girls are going to cost me a fortune in LUSH products.




I won:
1x twilight 1x dragons egg 1x pop in the bath bubble bar & 1x creamy candy bubble bar

I actually feel like I'm slightly part of the blogger world after this win :) i said that out loud earlier and Daisie was walking around going 'blogger blogger blogger' :')

Please pop by and check out Holly's blog


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

D.I.Y Mumma

 BEFORE paint, after a good sanding down as it was very grubby
AFTER a lick of paint and taa-dahh

The other day i walked into work and saw a kids ikea table and chairs in the back, it was pretty grubby drawing all over it and one half was caked in paint (i forgot to get a picture of the top before it got sanded down) A little while later my boss asked me if it was any good for my girls of course i said yeah and this baby was mine for £5 
My dad lent me a sander, my partner sanded it down and away i went with sprucing it up :)
after a lick of paint it was a gorgeous table perfect for two little girls 
It needs another coat and a coat of gloss and it'll be complete :)
I'm thinking of added the girls names on the back of each chair too 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Daisie joined the library & Issy had her sports day

Today i took Daisie along to the library (not that she needs to go to the library the girls practically have their own upstairs in their book box) before heading to Issy's sports day while we were there i joined her up got her own little library card and she got her a little bookstart bear club booklet that includes:

- a little passport where every time she goes along and gets some books out she will get a stamp once she has got 6 paw print stamps she gets a certificate
- a bookmark
- a poster with nursery ryhmes in
and some little finger puppets :)
i wasn't aware they still done this sort of thing, back when Issy was Daisie's age i used to take her quite regular and she done a bookstart book crawl, i have her certificates on my kitchen cupboards :)
So I'll be taking Daisie quite often while Issy's at school and collect Issy from school and we'll all go together.
Today Daisie took two books out being peppa pig baby alexander and Raa Raa the noisy lion Let's play together, she's happily sat and read them with both me and daddy today before bed.

Today Issy had her sports day, she's been abit poorly over the weekend so i wasn't sure if she would be going into school or if she would manage to stay awake during the afternoon but she managed it all :) She did say this morning her belly still hurt so she couldn't go to school but as soon as i mentioned she wouldn't be able to go to nanny's either she made an instant recovery and shot out of bed :')
she done super well in all the tasks of her sports day, shes the only one in a blue bib in her team because she was originally in a blue team but another little girl was upset and wanted their teacher (who was leading Issy's team) so she swapped over to cheer the other little girl up :)

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Won my first blog giveway!!

Back on Friday i entered the lovely 1OO followers giveaway after coming across her blog on twitter, today i got an email saying i was the WINNER after having a really crappy day this has turned my whole mood around! It would have made my day even if i was having a really good day anyway but I'm sure you know what i mean, i'm so excited to get my package :)
 If your not already following go on over to Holly's blog and check it out

Friday, 7 June 2013

Whats in my everyday make-up bag

Contents of my everyday make-up bag.....

Make up bag - primark around £2.5O
Collection 2OOO skyscraper in 17 ultra black - Fragrance direct £1.50

Carex in Cherry - Superdrug around £2 or so
Vaseline Rosy lips - poundland £1
Miss sporty so matte perfect stay in 001 Ivory - Superdrug £3.49
Bodyshop blusher in 09 unsure what i paid as i got it from my sister in-laws old stock from her parties
Rimmel stay matte pressed powder in 001 transparent - Superdrug £3.99
Collection 2OOO super size fat lash in 17 ultra black - Superdrug £2.99
NYC city curls (not sure what the number is as the sticker has come off but i know it's black) i'm sure i got this in superdrug too it was quite awhile back £2.49