Saturday, 29 June 2013

5 facts about my pregnancies

I saw a few of these on my instagram feed, I so shouldn't have took part broody is not the word!!!
but I thought it would be fun to post them here too :)

5 facts about my pregnancy with Issy!

1- she was a week late
2- I was sick twice in my pregnancy once all over the little room where I had my blood taken bright purple from my ribena and toast that morning lol & again when in labour
3- I was calling her Trinity right up until my sexing scan then I suddenly hated it once I found out she was a girl
4- My labour was 7 hours & 36 minutes
5- She weighed 7lbs 11.O5oz

5 facts about my pregnancy with Daisie!

1- I was induced when I was what the hospital thought was 38 weeks but once she was born they realized that my dates were infact right which I argued through out my pregnancy and I was actually 42 weeks & 6 days
2- Daisie was diagnosed with CCAM at my 21 week scan
3- I was sick twice in this pregnancy too, once after a chinese (noodles are not easy to bring back up!) and i was retching while giving birth (again not easy holding a bowl & retching and squeezing my mums arm while pushing too) I was eventually sick all over the toilet floor on my ward after I'd had Daisie and she was taken to the special baby unit, so much for the anti sickness injection i had
4- My labour was 1 hour & 42 minutes
5- She weighed 6lbs 4.O5oz


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