Friday, 14 June 2013

5 facts on each of my girls

5 facts about Issy

1- She has a double crown meaning no matter what i do with her hair it doesn't sit right
2- Her favourite colour is blue
3- Her big name as she calls it is Isabella-Rose but everyone calls her Izzy/Issy
4- She adores her nanny more than anything in the world, every day when i collect her from school she asks to go to her nannys :')
5- She's such a tomboy but she's slowly becoming quite girly

5 facts about Daisie

1- She has a lung disorder called CCAM you can find more info on it here - CCAM
2- She loves peppa pig & minnie mouse so much that it's requested before i've even had the chance to adjust to waking up
3- She's so strong its scary
4- She's mad on shoes, she's forever bringing me shoes or saying shoes and pretty (just like mummy)
5- She's already in clothing size 2-3 she's not 2 until 15th July, she's been up in sizes ever since she turned 3 months.

Both my girls are named after their great nans


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