Friday, 14 June 2013

Bye bye GFC :(

 I know i know... I've blogged way to much today but i really wanted to post this before i went forgetting and it was to late to do a post about it because it was already gone!

 If you've not already heard Google reader/GFC will be no more as of July 1st :( which means the little box on the right >>> showing my 12 lovely followers will no longer be there :'(

So if GFC/Google reader is your main way of following blogs and you haven't already checked out  Bloglovin, it's free quick and easy to sign up to, I'm still finding my way around it but its brilliant to keep up with blogs i'm following i get daily emails of recent posts from the blogs i follow :) (you can set it to more if you wish to)

you can follow me on bloglovin here

do you have other ways of keeping up with your favourtie blogs?
would love to see other options :) 


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