Monday, 10 June 2013

Daisie joined the library & Issy had her sports day

Today i took Daisie along to the library (not that she needs to go to the library the girls practically have their own upstairs in their book box) before heading to Issy's sports day while we were there i joined her up got her own little library card and she got her a little bookstart bear club booklet that includes:

- a little passport where every time she goes along and gets some books out she will get a stamp once she has got 6 paw print stamps she gets a certificate
- a bookmark
- a poster with nursery ryhmes in
and some little finger puppets :)
i wasn't aware they still done this sort of thing, back when Issy was Daisie's age i used to take her quite regular and she done a bookstart book crawl, i have her certificates on my kitchen cupboards :)
So I'll be taking Daisie quite often while Issy's at school and collect Issy from school and we'll all go together.
Today Daisie took two books out being peppa pig baby alexander and Raa Raa the noisy lion Let's play together, she's happily sat and read them with both me and daddy today before bed.

Today Issy had her sports day, she's been abit poorly over the weekend so i wasn't sure if she would be going into school or if she would manage to stay awake during the afternoon but she managed it all :) She did say this morning her belly still hurt so she couldn't go to school but as soon as i mentioned she wouldn't be able to go to nanny's either she made an instant recovery and shot out of bed :')
she done super well in all the tasks of her sports day, shes the only one in a blue bib in her team because she was originally in a blue team but another little girl was upset and wanted their teacher (who was leading Issy's team) so she swapped over to cheer the other little girl up :)