Tuesday, 11 June 2013

D.I.Y Mumma

 BEFORE paint, after a good sanding down as it was very grubby
AFTER a lick of paint and taa-dahh

The other day i walked into work and saw a kids ikea table and chairs in the back, it was pretty grubby drawing all over it and one half was caked in paint (i forgot to get a picture of the top before it got sanded down) A little while later my boss asked me if it was any good for my girls of course i said yeah and this baby was mine for £5 
My dad lent me a sander, my partner sanded it down and away i went with sprucing it up :)
after a lick of paint it was a gorgeous table perfect for two little girls 
It needs another coat and a coat of gloss and it'll be complete :)
I'm thinking of added the girls names on the back of each chair too 


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