Thursday, 6 June 2013

First time having Gelish

I usually have acrylic nails but i leave the infills for as long as possible but this time i left it just a little to long :( my nails kept bending making the ends near the cuticle flick up which makes me feel sick so as soon as a nail done that i bit them off (not a good idea i know) i really didn't have the money spare to go for my infill, so off came one.....

and then another one.....

As you can see in the picture the second ripped down just a little to far :( i could feel it hurting but because i was already half way there was no way i stopping then i noticed how far down it had actually ripped and freaked out like a total girl, anything lower than the first nail makes me feel really sick just the thought of it being that low down makes me cringe and if it touches anything, after days of having a plaster and trying my hardest not to touch anything with that finger i went and had them soaked off and had some Gelish on them to help me deal with getting on with day to day tasks (i can't stand the grated feel of the nail or how flimsy my natural nail is after some acrylics) my nails had grown to the same length as the acrylic and they were due a take off and a fresh set because the nail had started lifting away, I can't stand having naturally long nails the whole bending,splitting and tearing drives me nuts so when they were off they HAD to be cut down.

I feel so naked without my acrylics on :( although it feels good to actually feel my keyboard and being able to pick things up off the floor or side properly, Am i put off having acrylics? hell no as soon as that nail has grown back I'm getting those babies back!! If i could deal with naturally long nails I'd defiantly have gelish nails more often


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