Wednesday, 12 June 2013

It arrived!!!!

As i mentioned a few days ago i won 1OO followers giveaway, Today my items arrived :) i soo can't wait to try them all out, I've seen twilight everywhere on instagram and aimed to buy it ASAP and now i have it :D Daisie has already dived in and chose what one she would like, Issy will be all over it begging me to run her a bath so she can use one :') every time it comes to bath time i get the same question did you buy any bathbombs?? these girls are going to cost me a fortune in LUSH products.




I won:
1x twilight 1x dragons egg 1x pop in the bath bubble bar & 1x creamy candy bubble bar

I actually feel like I'm slightly part of the blogger world after this win :) i said that out loud earlier and Daisie was walking around going 'blogger blogger blogger' :')

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  1. Creamy Candy is my absolute favourite Lush product. x x x

    1. does it change the colour of the water? the girls have chose the bubble bars but Issy always asks if the bath bombs i get her change the colour of the water if not i'm in trouble lol ❤