Sunday, 23 June 2013

L'OREAL paris FeRia Hair dye

Where do I start? My partner bought me this hair dye by accident when he was buying my XXL live dyes to get my purple back, this box of dye has sat around since that day as I only needed the one XXL purple to get the colour I wanted YAYYY!! So this one wasn't needed, We had a wedding to attend yesterday and I planned to wear my hair down my roots had got pretty bad so I thought I'd re do them and use this dye (stupid I know) Thank god we done all over and not just the roots because it come out the WRONG colour :( I am not amused at all it came out the colour the hairdressers gave me when I parted with £45 then fixed it myself and got the colour i wanted :'( so know i'm going to have to kill my hair some more getting my purple back!! This is why i haven't used box dyes in years after buying a brown and it coming out jet black.

this is the colour I've ended up with...

I am under that fringe somewhere lol

This is what i had before...
You can't really see much different in the bottom picture of me and Andy but the top picture of me and my girls is how reddish it is :'(


  1. That's the same dye I used to use to get red hair. Came out wrong for me as well. Dunno if you've seen any old pictures where I had red hair. x x x

    1. I'm deffo steering clear from this brand now :( I think I may have seen a few on your facebook x