Friday, 28 June 2013

Oh I do love a sale

Today I've received email after email about sales not to mention the Asda sale I had a quick splurge on this morning, As it's really rude not to buy such bargains I just had to buy some stuff for the girls in the F&F sale as well as asda :) I went back up to asda before picking Issy up from cheerleading club as I had found my card, the plan was to hover around asda as I was a little early for her to be collected then go grab her and go back up for a food shop but all that went out the window when i spotted loads of hair stuff in the sale and some shoes in Issy's size.

In asda I got -
Matching sandals for the girls - £4 each
Matching dresses -  £4 each
Onesies that i've put away for Christmas -£6 each
Hello kitty shoes - £4
Polka dot shoes for Daisie - £3
Daddy top for Daisie - £1
Peace top for Issy - £4
Dorothy fancy dress outfit - £5
Daisy headband - £1.25
3 packs of hairbands in different colours - 75p each
Polka dot flower hair clips - £1.25
3D bow hair band pack - £1
Flower hair clips - £1.25
3D butterfly hairbands - £1.25
& I got myself some shoes for £5

In the F&F sale I got -
Matching camo leggings - £2 & £2.5O
Matching animal toe socks pk of 5- £2.5O each
Peppa pig jellies - £3
Peppa tunic - £4
Peppa t-shirt - £4
HK jumper - £5.5O
Flower straw bag - £2
Bunny ankle socks pk of 5 - £2.5O

Have you got any bargains in all the sales recently?


  1. Good to know about the Dorothy dress! Keira's really into the Wizard of Oz at the moment!
    I got Keira a beautiful dress from F&F. It's vertical black and white stripes. It's so soft and light. I think I got it for £6 in the sale. =) x x x

    1. I grabbed it in 7-8 as it was the only size they had but it looks quite small :) wizard of oz was my fave film when I was younger so I couldn't leave it behind, F&F have red riding hood & a vet outfit online for £5 too, ooh that sounds lovely I've never thought to check F&F out for clothes until I got the email so glad I did :) x

  2. They have some really gorgeous stuff! I've started a blog on Tumblr. I'm finding it a bit easier to manage. x x x

    1. I'm going to start checking them out more often, I'd happily pay the original price for the fancy dress outfits, followed will make sure I log in and keep up with it :) xxx