Monday, 24 June 2013

School shoes....

Are school shoes jut not made to last anymore? or should me little girl have been a boy? is my little girl the only one to go through so many shoes in her first year of school? her school years are going to cost me a fortune, I really do need to stock up :( shes just gone through her 4/5th pair since starting school. The cheapest pair of school shoes I can find local to me is asda for £1O don't get me wrong I don't mind spending that but it's a lot to spend out on when they will last her around a month or two max, I'm having a good look around and will be stocking up on some spares. Can anyone recommend any well priced school shoes? I'm going to go with a chunkier sole to see if that helps in anyway 

First day of school, thee got to a point where i could poke my finger right through the hole while waiting for her new school shoes to arrive

shoes number 2

shoes number 3 

and finally shoes number 4


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