Tuesday, 18 June 2013

She's got a lip ring and 5 colours in her hair

In this post i thought I'd post about the many hair colours I've had, if you have any questions on how I achieved the colours please don't hesitate to leave me a comment :) These are in no particular order of when I had them I've had so many I couldn't tell you which order I had them in but here we go.....

The first ever bright hair colour i had, i am under that fringe somewhere :')

My rainbow which my friend done in her hairdressing competition, other people who had little tiny strips of rainbow where amazed that i was actually leaving my hair these colours.  As you can see from the pictures one side was pastels the other bright :)

After i bleached my hair so many times it was time to cut it all off as all the ends were completely dead and straw like :'(  So the only way to restore some health into my hair was to have a bob! One of the undercuts grew bigger and bigger until i ended up shaving the side of my head.

^ One of my fave colours that I've been Turquoise
Whatever shall i do with my left over colours when all my colour has come out and I'm left with blonde? Of course lets mix it up abit

I had these hair colours for about a week before my hairdresser friend came round and went crazy at me for putting black in my hair and she started to bleach it back out again, the brown didn't look very brown either tbh everyone was saying i reminded them of cadburys chocolate and that wasn't my aim.

I've had many more hair colours but if i post anymore pictures this pot could end up a page or two long. 

Do you change your hair colours often? 


  1. lovely post!
    i adore all the colors you have had hehe
    but my fav is the rainbow one ! :) you beautiful girlie xxx

    1. Thank you lovely :) the rainbow was one of my all time faves, I'll get it back one day :) ❤