Friday, 14 June 2013

So gelish really isn't for me

Freshly done

Just over a week old ^

Just after ripping a few of my acrylics off i ripped one a little to low down which meant i couldn't just go in for a infill or a take off and a fresh set :(
so i opted for gelish to help my nail repair from the rips and so i could still get things done as i can't stand the grated ruff feel of my nails once acrylics come off.
Anyway to the point I've had gelish for just over a week and my thumb one has chipped, first my index started lifting and peeled off, next was my middle finger 
a few others are lifting off too :(
i guess I'm just to rough/heavy handed for gelish and it's acrylics all the way for me

did you get on with gelish?


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