Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wonderful Dads!

In case you didn't manage to see on facebook,twitter,all over the shops etc today's fathers day!
There shouldn't be just a single day to let our dads know how special they are but today gives them a day to relax and be spoilt!! I know everyone says their dads are the worlds best dads so i'm not going to be any different because he really is a wonderful man, Although me and my dad might not have that really close bond to be seen by everyone that we used to have it will always be there. We went to visit him today and he was out in the garden doing some gardening while i was having a natter with my mum then we went to peek at where the girls had wandered off to after hearing 'we are going to find gangan' We found them watching my dad doing bits in the garden and the girls were holding hands keeping each other safe as the pond was near by :') was the cutest thing ever! personal reasons ripped away the closeness me and my girls were entitled to have with my dad for the world to see :( i won't be discussing what that reason was as it's really personal. While having a wander around the garden where i grew up as a little girl the memories were flooding back from how i once had a HUGE trampoline that took up way to much of the garden,how I'd sit in my mums summer house, how I'd wander into my dads GIGANTIC shed to find him painting his figures and a whole lot more, The gigantic shed and the summer house look so small now I'm all grown up but the memories are still spilling out of them :) I may not visit or talk to my dad everyday but i love him dearly and will always fight his corner to the death no one says a bad word about my dad other than my mum not that she does tho, I really should start visiting every day. I'm a lucky girl to have such a wonderful dad thats supported me through everything although he isn't a fan of my alternative look he's never told me to change/stop and is always printing off my modeling pictures to show his friends and having one as his phone screen saver if it's not the girls :') I love my dad!!!

As I've mentioned in previous posts Andy isn't Issy's biological dad, He's bought her up since she was 1 and a half when her dad decided it would be best he stopped seeing her, he has been there since then doing all he can for her, She can be a right little madam but he's still here taking the tantrums that can turn violent,the attitude,her bad days,sitting with her until stupid o'clock because she's ill,bought her first school uniform,making sure shes well fed & clothed, he's funded all of her birthdays since her 2nd birthday and i tend to go over board with birthday doo's but he's not once complained but done all that he can to fund her special day even down to selling his phone and parts of his beloved bike (which always came first no matter what before he became a family man) We are all such lucky girls to have this amazing man in our lives and be able to call him dad & fiance! There is no way i could ever repay him for what he has done for us girls, he' helped me raise two beautiful little girls the best we can there's been many times were I've turned into psycho woman and Issy has been a total nightmare to deal with, i wouldn't have blamed him for walking away but he never has but has always been there with a cuddle and kiss for us both :)


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