Monday, 1 July 2013

2 weeks.....

Can't believe that in two weeks my little Doo bug turns 2!!!!
It doesn't seem that long ago I was getting my stuff together ready to be induced, I'm almost all done just need to get in all the party food, loot bags and the fillings & her cake :) I was thinking of doing a few games but as most of the kids are around the same age as her I don't think they'll quite understand them just yet. I'm so glad I got things in as I saw them as my washing machine broke on me yesterday so I need to spend out on getting another but for now my mum's doing my washing like a diamond, so I can focus on Daisie's birthday, As always I don't think her present pile is big enough :/ although it's more than enough to keep her busy, every year be it Easter,Christmas or Birthdays I never think the girls present piles are big enough then I spend the rest of the year sorting out all the bits that don't get played with.


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