Friday, 12 July 2013


God do people make this look easy!! My hooks finally arrived today so I gave it a shot, I have a book I got out from the library but it's all so confusing and two balls of wool I got in ready for when my hooks arrived. I'm managing to do the starting stitch with no problem but I'm stuck there :( It doesn't help I haven't picked a granny square pattern I'd like to learn and stuck to it, I keep trying what ever looks easy. My wool seems so small compared to all the tutorials I've watched (I asked if I could crochet with it when I bought it the woman said it's fine to crochet with) I sat with my aunty and she showed me how to get a pattern going but as I'm doing it I'm still ending with the beginning stitch I done that looks like a plait :/  instead of moving outwards I'm still going upwards.

Any recommendations of a simple granny square I could start off with?


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