Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Daisie turns 2

My smallest bubba turned two on Monday, so I'm now a mumma of a two and five year old!
We didn't get to do the zoo or aquarium plans that I wanted to do as absolutely everything that could go wrong, did on the run up to her birthday weekend :( so money was super tight (I'm so glad I shopped for her presents early) but we still managed to give her a great birthday party/BBQ and we spent all morning Monday opening presents & playing then we went for lunch and fed the ducks in the afternoon :) which she's now addicted to and asks for ducks ever since so it will be a regular thing to do from now on. I plan to do the zoo/aquarium plans on the first week of the school holidays but I might just change my mind when I see just how choker everywhere gets when its the holidays either way my girls are going some time this year!


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