Friday, 19 July 2013

Graze Box - FREE box with this code

 I signed Daisie up to the Graze kids goody boxes the other week,  I'm super excited to have one come through but I'm having problems with them being able to take payment from either of my cards :(
I made sure I had money on them when I signed up all seemed okay but then I had an email saying they wasn't able to take payment. They've been really great because of this I've been offered a free box but I'm still having no luck with payment :( I've updated all my details and made sure they are correct, I'll carry on trying and I'll go into my bank to check if its their end that's stopping it because I'm really excited!
It's such a great way to try her with new things the price is just amazing and it all comes in a posh little box with her name on. I'll be trying Issy with one too :) 
I may even attempt one myself

Has anyone else had any trouble with making payments?

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