Thursday, 4 July 2013

School problems

I've had nothing but problems with Issy's school I'd love to swap schools but I really don't want to take her away from her friends and my reasons aren't good enough for a new school to accept her into theirs :( here's a few of the problems I've had so far

1- She went a whole term without a P.E kit because I wasn't aware she didn't have one on her peg until I came across her plimsolls at the bottom of the shoe bag in the living room, when I asked if she had one they found just her P.E bag on her beg and brought me someone else's shorts asking if they were hers (which was what threw me as her P.E bag wasn't at home I assumed she had one) I'd have thought they would have put a note in her diary to let me know she needed one?

2- She went almost a week without a reading book or words after sending her one back in, I asked her teacher why and she said her book hadn't been returned again a note in her diary wouldn't have gone a miss (me and Issy are both 1OO% sure it went in) Issy explained she had put it in her box they said she hadn't, I said I couldn't find it at home they told Issy to look hard and in her room I then said she isn't allowed them in her room, she only has them on the sofa then back into her book bag they again proceeded to tell Issy to look for it as if I was lying :/ I was then fined for a book I saw a little boy get 2 versions out of his book bag along with the actual book he was meant to be reading, explained it all to then be told it was a different book so in I went and showed them the fine I received to be told 'oh they will be the same price so just pop back to the office and pay it' until this was done Issy didn't receive a new book or words to learn! I still haven't come across this missing book I'm meant to have at my house.

3- Issy had to be re-tested on her spelling test around 5 times and it wasn't until I went in and mentioned she was doing them fine with me and was upset because they didn't sound it out with her which I understand they have a group to do them with but it took me going in for them to put her down a group because she was clearly struggling with the words they were giving her, She gets her B's and D's round the wrong way they corrected it on one and not the other marking her wrong the word being DAD and she knows how to spell that she writes it every time she gets a piece of paper but surely you can't correct one and not the other?

4- Following the spelling one she hadn't done so well with they put a :| face in her book because she didn't get many right, now that was upsetting for me to see let alone a 5 year old, I spoke to my friend who is a teacher and she said they aren't allowed to do that they are only allowed to put encouraging words/next steps.

5- Issy has started showing alot of signs of how I was when I had my eating disorder when I was younger, she was on school dinners until she didn't want to go to school one day I sat down with her and asked why and it was because she didn't like the dinners so of course I put her back on packed lunches, the reason she doesn't like dinners anymore is because the teachers pressure her to eat more and she started putting her dinner in the bin which she was caught and told off for, I know she shouldn't waste food but isn't that where it was going to go anyway? and I understand they are meant to be making sure they eat their dinner but Issy gets clearly distressed about being pressured to eat her dinner and I think telling her off was abit much so much so that she didn't want to go to school and any mention of school dinners she gets upset :( I've spoken to one of her teachers about my concerns with the signs she's showing and she's been okay the head teacher sits with her on occasions and she seems to be happy with her lunch being packed by me :)

So that's to name a few things I'm not happy about am I wrong for being just a little bit angry? am I just being an overprotective mum? Is a note in her diary to much to ask?


  1. I think it's terrible that they put a face like that next to Issy's work. Keira always gets things written like 'good job' or 'great work' etc and she's way behind all the kids in her class because of her other problems. That really wasn't fair to do that to Issy. I hope she get's a better teacher next year. And I don't see why your reasons aren't good enough. The fact that you're not happy with the way things are being handled is reason enough.
    Also, the force feeding is way wrong. She should only be eating what she's able to eat. At Keira's school if the kids don't like what is being served for dinner or if that aren't that hungry they get offered a sandwich instead.

    1. My friend (who teaches year 3's in a different school) is shocked with how they've dealt with everything, I was really shocked seeing the face they put it upset me and I'm 21 luckily I don't think Issy has seen it, I'm dreading her next teacher she got my cousins little boy by the arm the other week and dragged him into school because he was refusing to go in :| I asked my cousin if they were allowed to do that and apparently they can if you allow them to.
      When I speak to Issy's current teacher she seems really great they have one main teacher but 3 different groups so I'm not sure who marked her spellings I'll have to ask, When I had her parents meeting yesterday I spoke about the eating and she said she got her to try some then said now she can eat it which I was abit taken back on but she understood as soon as I mentioned the eating thing as I had spoke to another teacher who knew me at when I was Issy's age who is one of the other teachers in the class and she said she knew about the eating thing and she guessed that's why her lunch box is always the same, I really don't know what to think I hate thinking bad of anyone and she seems a great teacher, The worse thing is Issy tends to come home saying a few things but when mention it to teachers they say she never told them that or it didn't happen :/ I almost flew up there the other day because Issy's picture,sticker from the doctors and her pen was thrown away and she was upset but it turned out Issy had just left it somewhere and it got thrown away by accident I was ready to go crazy x