Friday, 30 August 2013

Picking a preschool

So after much consideration I've decided to go ahead with putting Daisie into preschool, I've chosen her nursery and we've been for her taster days. Issy went to the same one and the teachers were there when I was there so I have a lot of trust in them :)
I'm totally undecided on playschool atm 
I'll be going to look at them before I go ahead and sign her up
I'm currently hunting down ofsted reports for the 2/3 I've narrowed it down to and asking others that have their little ones in them. 
I'm getting all excited over the little backpacks and things I can get her :') 
I know someone that works in one but the walk is so far I won't be able to get Issy to school and Daisie to preschool on time :(

What's the main things you look out for when choosing a preschool/nursery?


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