Friday, 27 September 2013

Another year down...

Another year down... Today I turned 22.
Despite me canceling my birthday this year the girls and Andy have spoilt me & I've had a huge amount of birthday messages on facebook + text's which made the day all that more special for me :) 
After spotting a cardigan at our local market I fell in love but no way was I paying £2O for it, Andy went to collect Issy and was taking her to get a surprise for me on Wednesday ready for my birthday Andy left it at my aunts so I couldn't peek. Issy came home and said she had something to tell me thinking it would be something about school I asked her what it was and she whispered I had two cards and a jumper in my ear :') she's always been told not to keep secrets love her. Even tho she told me what my surprise was I still wasn't expecting to be opening up that much loved cardigan I thought the market would have been closed and expected one from asda as I had touched/pointed a few out while we was in there. Soo although I canceled my birthday I was over the moon at getting my new cardi! To top my evening off I came home to my H&M order with my new handbag in and even tho I canceled it all together my mum and dad are taking us out for dinner as Andys birthday was on the 12th.

Late last night I was surprised with even more presents :D Andy came home with 2 large yankee candles, a cat onesie and a CAMERA!!!! I said ages ago I'd like a camera for when I do reviews for my blog & of course plenty of pictures of the girls :) 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

My potty training tips!

So i'm slowly starting potty training with Daisie now she prefers her pull ups to nappies now :) I know not everyone agrees with them but it works for me and Daisie, she loves the pretty minnie mouse design and she loves being able to check the wetness indicator. 

First off ALL children learn these sort of things at their own time and when they are ready, you will come across other little ones that are trained way before your little one, ones that are trained ages after yours, some trained around the same age as yours etc.. Neither child has a bad parent they each have an awesome parent that waited for them to let them know they were ready rather than pushing it on their little one because someone else's little one is trained.

Right for my actual tips

1- Make it F.U.N
2 - Don't get stressed over accidents even if it's on your fave rug, these things will happen
3 - Praise as much as you can even if it's just your little one sat on the potty
4 - Make a HUGE fuss 
5 - Let your little one let their teddy/dolly have a go too
6 - Have the potty/toilet seat in the same place so your little one knows where it is
7 - Have a potty in every room your little one tends to be in for a lengthy amount of time

These are my tips so not everyone will agree with them but they are what I've found worked for me and my girls! I will be adding more to the list when I think of some more

They sell potty training books that encourage little ones to have a go on their potty just like the little ones in their book, some make sounds and some also come with stickers

I'm such a sucker for cute rucksacks

Cute rucksacks

I'm a right sucker for cute rucksacks/bags for the girls, Here's a few I'd like for their collection :) 
Daisie has the pink mouse one from the first group picture on the way. 

The ones in all together in one picture are from ebay & the rabbit one is from F&F

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Winter wish lists for the girls

Winter wishlist for Issy

Daisie winter wishlist 

Of course there's still so much more I want for them both but the post would be HUGE if I put everything I'd like to buy them, I also want to get Daisie the sequin boots & floral wellies but didn't want to repeat them as it seemed silly to.

If you'd like links,prices or where the items can be purchased drop me a comment and I'll track them down :) I may edit the post with price and where they can be bought from

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Crafty Mumma - Playhouse decor/finishing touches

As I mentioned a few posts down the girls playhouse had arrived, Now even further down my blog there's another crafty mumma post about how i like to give things a go myself rather then just buying them. So for the girls playhouse I wanted to make a little polka dot heart bunting and a cupcake blackboard for them to write little bits like not in or the waiting time for tea (they have their play kitchen in there) Although i never made the MDF cupcake or hearts if I could I so would, I sprayed the cupcake with black board paint and the hearts I  painted with tester pot paints from wilkinsons, to create the dots I used some of a friends filters which gave me the pretty much perfect dots/circles :)

Do you like to give things ago yourself to get that more personal touch 
before buying them in from the shops?

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Baby best and worst buys - Buggy edition

The best buggy I ever had has to be my icandy apple, I've never regret selling something so much :'(
It glided over EVERYTHING Daisie never felt a single bump, Andy would walk across the park pushing it with one finger just because he could. I really can't fault this buggy at all I did get a puncture on one of the back wheels on one of my first trips out with it but I did buy it second hand.

The worst buggy I ever purchased has got to be the mothercare Jive! There is a post earlier on down my blog about this buggy, After around not even a month of use the back wheel started slanting which made the buggy even harder to push, I ended up selling it for £15 after around 3 months or so of owning it because I just wanted it out of my way, I bought the buggy because I wanted one Daisie could get in and out without any problems (I have a quinny buzz and she scares the hell out of me getting in and out of it) and for grabbing a little bit of shopping in when I do the school run.

Whats the best and worst buggy you ever bought?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Ebay winter wishlist

Untitled #5

As it's starting to get chilly and wet, I've started to think about clearing out my wardrobe and adding some winter bits I really need a winter coat as I don't actually own one, this year I aim to be as stylish as I can last year I dressed in multiple layers and didn't care aslong as I was warm but I'm sick of looking so blurgh, so here's a few things on my ebay want list for this winter

Saturday, 7 September 2013

It's here....

After a little mix up when ordering, the girls playhouse is here!!!!
It turned up on the back of a truck in many pieces I don't know why but I expected a box or two, it was raining the day it arrived so some of the wood became bowed :( but was nothing we could work around. When it was being off loaded from the truck the guy bought over a slide which totally threw me as the playhouse I ordered didn't have a slide and it also wasn't listed as a cherry playhouse either but it is in fact the right one :) I checked the suppliers website and you can order it with a slide so I guess it was a great bonus.
One HUGE annoying thing about the packaging of the playhouse is you get stuff all packed up like the roof slats and the ladder slats now you would think that would be it? but oh no you get random bits for the underneath in with them :/ we thought that part was missing until we put the roof slats up and there it was but because the picture on the instructions was the complete playhouse and clearly the roofing you never would have guessed the flooring part was in there and of course doing it in order that package wasn't opened until last but hey ho the house is together,painted and had a home made railing put on it by my wonderful partner :) here's a picture of how it looks, I'm yet to add some finishing touches but you get the idea :)

Back to school & routine

My not so little baby has now started year 1 :)
She couldn't wait to be back with her friends and to see her new classroom 
It feels good to have the usual routine back again, although I miss the option of taking both my girls out for the day but nothing we can't do over the weekends.
Her shoes already have scuffs and it won't be long until they will need to be binned and she's only been in school for 2 days, Thank god for primark they only cost me £3 

Daisie also starts preschool soon :)

Have you got a little one that returned to school or just started?