Friday, 27 September 2013

Another year down...

Another year down... Today I turned 22.
Despite me canceling my birthday this year the girls and Andy have spoilt me & I've had a huge amount of birthday messages on facebook + text's which made the day all that more special for me :) 
After spotting a cardigan at our local market I fell in love but no way was I paying £2O for it, Andy went to collect Issy and was taking her to get a surprise for me on Wednesday ready for my birthday Andy left it at my aunts so I couldn't peek. Issy came home and said she had something to tell me thinking it would be something about school I asked her what it was and she whispered I had two cards and a jumper in my ear :') she's always been told not to keep secrets love her. Even tho she told me what my surprise was I still wasn't expecting to be opening up that much loved cardigan I thought the market would have been closed and expected one from asda as I had touched/pointed a few out while we was in there. Soo although I canceled my birthday I was over the moon at getting my new cardi! To top my evening off I came home to my H&M order with my new handbag in and even tho I canceled it all together my mum and dad are taking us out for dinner as Andys birthday was on the 12th.

Late last night I was surprised with even more presents :D Andy came home with 2 large yankee candles, a cat onesie and a CAMERA!!!! I said ages ago I'd like a camera for when I do reviews for my blog & of course plenty of pictures of the girls :) 


  1. Happy Birthday Hun.
    Glad you have had an amazing and unexpected day!. Hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday.
    :') Awee, bless Issy. , She's so cute! <3

    1. Thank you :)
      I was surprised with even more presents last night :D
      I've always said to her never to keep secrets from mummy and daddy if god forbid anything was to happen to her and she was told not to say anything, read so many stories it terrifies me, knew one day it would bite me on the bum but I'm glad she remembered what I said x