Saturday, 7 September 2013

It's here....

After a little mix up when ordering, the girls playhouse is here!!!!
It turned up on the back of a truck in many pieces I don't know why but I expected a box or two, it was raining the day it arrived so some of the wood became bowed :( but was nothing we could work around. When it was being off loaded from the truck the guy bought over a slide which totally threw me as the playhouse I ordered didn't have a slide and it also wasn't listed as a cherry playhouse either but it is in fact the right one :) I checked the suppliers website and you can order it with a slide so I guess it was a great bonus.
One HUGE annoying thing about the packaging of the playhouse is you get stuff all packed up like the roof slats and the ladder slats now you would think that would be it? but oh no you get random bits for the underneath in with them :/ we thought that part was missing until we put the roof slats up and there it was but because the picture on the instructions was the complete playhouse and clearly the roofing you never would have guessed the flooring part was in there and of course doing it in order that package wasn't opened until last but hey ho the house is together,painted and had a home made railing put on it by my wonderful partner :) here's a picture of how it looks, I'm yet to add some finishing touches but you get the idea :)


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