Thursday, 19 September 2013

My potty training tips!

So i'm slowly starting potty training with Daisie now she prefers her pull ups to nappies now :) I know not everyone agrees with them but it works for me and Daisie, she loves the pretty minnie mouse design and she loves being able to check the wetness indicator. 

First off ALL children learn these sort of things at their own time and when they are ready, you will come across other little ones that are trained way before your little one, ones that are trained ages after yours, some trained around the same age as yours etc.. Neither child has a bad parent they each have an awesome parent that waited for them to let them know they were ready rather than pushing it on their little one because someone else's little one is trained.

Right for my actual tips

1- Make it F.U.N
2 - Don't get stressed over accidents even if it's on your fave rug, these things will happen
3 - Praise as much as you can even if it's just your little one sat on the potty
4 - Make a HUGE fuss 
5 - Let your little one let their teddy/dolly have a go too
6 - Have the potty/toilet seat in the same place so your little one knows where it is
7 - Have a potty in every room your little one tends to be in for a lengthy amount of time

These are my tips so not everyone will agree with them but they are what I've found worked for me and my girls! I will be adding more to the list when I think of some more

They sell potty training books that encourage little ones to have a go on their potty just like the little ones in their book, some make sounds and some also come with stickers


  1. This blog post is AMAZING!. Would you mind if I saved your tip list to my phone hun? L-B has been showing signs she's ready for potty training for a while now, but she's terrified of the potty .. she would have sat on the toilet using her toilet seat, but now she's become afraid of it too. We've tried pullups, and she loved them too, and while wearing them was telling us when she needed the toilet, but now if I ask her or go to put a pullup on, she freaks and doesn't want it on, so I was starting to think she wasn't ready despite all the signs.. when she would sit on the toilet I always keep a book in there, that I call her 'toilet book' lol, and she loved it, but even that isn't enough to make her sit on it.. But with a few of those tips, I think I could possibly convince her that the toilet and potty arnt as scary as they seem lmao. xxx

    1. Of course you can :) Daisie became terrified of her potty and toilet seat but loved her potty today but wasn't keen on her toilet seat which used to be the other way around, I'll think of some more and update the post xxx