Monday, 14 October 2013

Bucket list - Making a autumn tealight holder

You'll need
- A jar
- Plenty of leaves
- PVA glue
- Gold glitter paint (optional) 
any extras you wish to add

After seeing a autumn tea light holder on pinterest I think it was I couldn't wait to give it a go with the girls. 
It's the perfect little thing to do this autumn it doesn't take up a huge amount of time and there's hardly any mess unless you wish to add some colour of course, I recommend to use the leaves shortly after you hunted them down, I grabbed some and left them for a few days but they ended being so dried out that they wouldn't stick to the jar at all, So today I grabbed some more on the way home from the school run and they stuck a whole lot better :)  Not only are these perfect for the autumn around the house (the idea is once a tea light is in the jar it will glow all the lovely autumn colours of the leaves) I grab as many colours & shapes of leaves as i can to add some variety. They also make the perfect hand made gifts for nanny/grandmas, aunties/uncles, grandads etc


  1. Will definatly be giving this a try :) xxx

    1. It's so fun to make, really quick and simple looks great once done too :) Daisie likes getting her hands on it and taking the leaves back off during the day the little pickle x

  2. I may have to try this for Halloween decorations they look great :)