Friday, 25 October 2013

autumn bucket list - pizza making

Another thing checked off our autum bucket list :) 
In total the girls and daddy made 6 pizzas, They tucked into the first 3 while the other 3 were cooking. 
No one else likes mushrooms but me so hardly any mushrooms were used :( booo...
Pizza making is so much fun,cheap & easy to do, we'll definitely be making it a regular thing :)
I usually get our pizza bases from the pizza counter in asda but while waiting in the que the woman mentioned you can get a box of 4 smaller ones so I grabbed 2 boxes of those rather than the smallest base they done which is still pretty big.


  1. This is something I do with Keira. I've never let Logan try it yet. I usually buy the packet mix and make the bases myself but this seems a lot easier and less messy! I think I'll do it this way from now on! x x x

    1. Daisie enjoyed eating the toppings :') Andy want's to make the bases next time, buying the bases in is a great quick and easy way of doing it after school before bed :) x