Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Colour me playhouse

I've seen these little houses all over instragram, So when I spotted them in my local Aldi I just had to get one for the girls, I was torn between putting it away for Christmas or letting them have it now as you can tell I was far to excited and gave it to them now :) They still haven't finished colouring it in a little while after starting it, the house fell silent for an hour and a half I had a peek in the house and both girls were glued to the tele. All tho it's made from cardboard it has kept my girls super quiet. I got abit carried away and coloured some of it in but I had to stop or Daisie wouldn't have any left to do on her side it's just so much fun. It may end up in the bin soon with it being cardboard and my girls being like bulls in china shops or if bear will actually go in it will become her little house. This has to be the best £7.99 I've ever spent.

 Please excuse the bad quality photos I  grabbed them from my instagram


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