Wednesday, 2 October 2013

H&M lip pen - REVIEW

I recently bough a H&M Lip pen while shopping online, I purchased it in the colour beige for £2.99
It also comes in two other colours being red & pink.

It goes on great there's no need to push to hard to get it to go on like alot of lip pens but it doesn't give you much colour but that could be because the colour I chose, After the pen falling out numerous times I actually decided to look in the tube and my one has snapped quite far down :(
It's often left in the lid leaving me with an empty tube and having slices taken out of it where it's getting bashed about in the lid, Which of course if I'm not expecting (it doesn't always fall out) it leaves it sitting in my lap.
For £2.99 I'd have hoped that the lip pen would have been abit more stronger then it is, I may give repairing it a try :)


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