Thursday, 17 October 2013

How I chose my girls names


Issy was originally being called Trinity until I found out she was a girl then I suddenly hated the name, I always wanted something different the list for her was pretty big, After growing a sudden hate for my chosen name it was back to the list although her name was never on the list, She eventually got her name after combining my dad's mum's name and her dad's dad's mum names into one, Her dad's nan being Isabella and my nan being Rose. I don't know why but I've always spelt her name as Issy and never Izzy it wasn't until recently I noticed it wouldn't always be pronounced the same but I just can't seem to change my ways.

Daisie Yvonne

Although Daisie doesn't have a hyphenated name like Issy does I'll always make the fact her middle name is Yvonne where I can. 
Andy's nan took ill earlier on in my pregnancy and we went to visit her in hospital it was only then that Andy found out what her real name was she always liked to be called Margret but her tag on her mug had Daisie Margret on it so it was then we decided if Daisie was a girl we would call her Daisy but I would make the name different by spelling it with an 'IE' I also wanted to spell it with a Z but after searching on google and only getting porn links I decided against it, On my early sexing scan at 16 weeks we had a call to say Andy's nan had passed away :( 
Further on when I had reached around 2O weeks, I was going to the midwife then heading to my nans but that morning I had a text she was in hospital an by that afternoon I was rushing up there to see her, That afternoon I was saying my last goodbye :'( 
So Yvonne was added to Daisie's name, I'm so thankful that before I had to say my goodbyes she touched my bump and we let her know Daisie would be called Daisie Yvonne :')


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