Monday, 14 October 2013

Our Autumn bucket list

This post inspiration came from Sarah over at mumx3x you can read Sarah's autumn family bucket list  here

 Go puddle splashing
 Make an autumn tea light holder 
 Carve a pumpkin
 Decorate pine cones & leaves
 Make leaf art 
Halloween party
 Movie nights
 Make a leaf bunting
 Go leaf crunching 
 Go on a leaf and pine cone hunt
 Make a firework picture
 Attend a firework display
Make a Halloween tea light holder 
Make pizzas
Make a ghostly garland 
    Visit santas grotto
Make a Christmas tea light holder (yes I'm addicted)



  1. I LOVE bucket lists! Hope you blog about each one as you go!

    1. I certainly will, we've completed the autumn tea light holder :) it was below but i've updated it and re posted x