Wednesday, 23 October 2013

super bargain buy - o.p.i nail lacquer

Today I popped into the 99p store to get some more Halloween bits for the girls Halloween party, while there in there it started raining really hard so i went round to an isle to look for an umbrella but they only had the kind i'm scared of lol. While down that isle i came across loads of O.P.I shatter nail laquer in numerous colours I don't know if these are fakes or ones that are meant to be thrown, The bar code on the bottom has a pen line through it, I've never purchased O.P.I nail polish before so I wouldn't know if they were fake without researching online for abit but either way for 99p could I really go wrong? either way it's a bonus :)


  1. They're not fake! I have some from Poundland too. Shatter ones too. I don't think the colours were as popular so they had loads left that weren't selling. I just wish they weren't shatter ones! Hahah! x x x

    1. Bonus! It would be amazing if they ever get the normal colours these are the first shatter nail varnishes I've ever bought :) xxx